Did Luffy Beat Kaido?

Did Luffy Beat Kaido?

Are you more into the antagonist characters? So you are in the right place as today we have covered a famous manga series known as One Piece’s evildoer.

There are many villains in this show namely Donquixote Doflamingo, blackboard, kind, big mom, and so on.

Today in the article below we will talk about one of them i.e. Kaido and at the end we know who defeated Kaido as the end of villains is certain.

Kaido was who?

Four emperors who ruled over the New World had a former member known as Kaido.

Apart from being the leader of Beast Pirates, he was known as the strongest creature and one of the famous antagonists.

The role of villain is played primarily in Wano country Arc where he comes in contact with the straw hat crew members as well as in the Dressrosa series.

An isolated and important region known as Wano is ruled by him.

Strengths and weaknesses of Kaido:

Kaito is known to be the strongest because of his following strengths. Ability to change into a dragon by eating zoan-type devil fruit.

He has good skills using Haki like Armament Haki which enhances aggressive and defense skills. Apart from that, he has great physical strength and willpower.

The belief of him as an invisible person and overconfidence in it leads to defeat. Cannot swim in deep water however resist drawing.

Also, the habit of consuming excessive alcohol is one of the weak points that adds to his weakness. In the end, his arrogance and excessive trust in himself lead to wrong decisions making.

How did Kaido look?

The one feature that makes him look distinct is the pair of horns on his head which resembles a dragon.

On his left bicep, he had a trial-style dragon tattoo. His clothing style reflects that he was a powerful ruler and wore a dark-colored kimono.

His face is covered with a beard. Also coming to his body he has a muscular, large, and gigantic body with physical strength and good physique.

Kaido was defeated by whom and when?

Luffy defeated Kaido in episode number 1049.

A total of two fights took place between them the first one took place when Oden castle was destroyed by Kaido which made Kaido prisoned.

The second fight took place when Luffy recognized the problems faced by the Wano people and when Kaido was defeated he was thrown into the floating island.

Is Luffy able to defeat Kaido?

Yes, he was successful in defeating Kaido.

Which type of character is Kaido?

He was a monstrous creature and could not be defeated at once.

What was the devil’s fruit of Kaido?

Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryuu is the devil fruit of Kaido.

Who was more powerful than Kaido?

Blackbeard stood more powerful than Kaido.

How many times has Luffy defeated Kaido?

2 times Luffy defeated Kaido.

Who defeated Kaido first?

Kaido was defeated first by Oden Kozuki 


Thus we can see from the above article that Kaido was the strongest villain but somehow his cruelties and overconfidence led to his defeat.

He was defeated by the main character Luffy. Their massive battle took Wano country.

Hence Kaido was represented not as a normal human creature but as a monstrous character with a gigantic size and tall body adding high muscular physique.

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