how tall is katakuri

One Piece was in a Manga form but later converted into a television series.

The term ‘One Piece’ originated from the treasure, the presence of which is confirmed by Pirate King Gol D. Roger.

Monkey D. Luffy and his crew plan to claim the One Piece, which is another very important and prevalent character in the series.

To become the next pirate king is the main goal to obtain one piece by Luffy.

Luffy has a diverse crew and he labeled it as ‘The Straw Hat Pirates’.

The entire story is focused on how Luffy and his crew explored the great line in search of the ultimate treasure.

Later in the series, their battles, conflicts and clashes to obtain the mythological treasure is depicted.

One Piece characters are generally tall in height which is a form of symbolism.

Tall height is usually connected with power, dominance and authority in many civilizations.

 Through the towering figures of the characters, Oda highlights their significance within the story and their effect on the world around them.

Today, I will talk about the biological characteristics of one of the strongest character i.e. katakuri, all you just read the article below.

Who was Charlotte Katakuri?

Katakuri is one of the most famous characters and the second antagonist in the second half of the Whole Cake Island Arc.

He is one of  the Three Sweet Commanders of the Big Mom Pirates and one of the strongest members of the army.

Katakuri is also the minister of flour governing and oversees Komugi Island.

Katakuri had an unbeaten record before his fight with Luffy.

Katakuri is famous for his physical body and a diligent and calm person who always protected his family and crew.

Appearance of katakuri?

Katakuri is a muscular and powerful man.

His muscles are covered with pink tattoos. He has long legs and thighs whose size is proportional with his lower limbs.

On his face he has sharp teeth like a dogtooth and lips are covered by a ragged scarf covering his neck and done piercing. On his arm there is a spiked bracelet.

How tall is Katakuri?

Katakuri is 16 ‘5 feet approximately 5 meters and 509 cm tall. He comes under one of the tallest characters in One Piece.

Katakuri is known for his muscular body and impressive height.

Importance of Katakuri’s height?

Katakuri is always represented as the dominant personality and his height adds value to it.

His strength and power is signified through his towering structure.

Katakuri is a dreadful opponent in the battle because of his gigantic size, allowing him to reach throughout  the battle.

What is Katakuri’s Devil Fruit?

A paramecia-type of devil fruit known as Mochi Mochi no Mi is possessed by katakuri.

It allows his body to turn into an elastic and sticky substance, the same as Mochi.

This adds to his abilities making him more unbeatable.

Which type of role is played by Katakuri in the whole cake island arc?

He played an antagonistic role. He fought against the Stargate crew and his task is to protect a thousand sunny.

What are Katakuri abilities?

He has the capacity to throw jelly beans with such force and speed that appears like a bullet and brutally damages  his opponent within one shot.

He also displays excellent hardness and stamina.

Powerful hand to hand attacker.

Also highly skilled at throwing jelly beans like bullets.

He can kill his opponent from a long distance due to his gigantic appearance.

Katakuri at the end is mastered in all three types of Haki.

Weakness of Katakuri?

The main weakness of katakuri is that his body is resistant to fire which means when his body comes in contact with fire his mochi body melts.

Also his overconfidence and underestimation of his opponent leads to his own losses.


Thus, katakuri holds an important role of antagonist in the series. Luffy, the prominent character, has a fight with katakuri and proved to be stronger than katakuri. Despite having so many abilities, luffy was able to overpower katakuri.

Katakuri is mostly known for his physical body, height and strength that he used in fights. He is one of the strongest members of three sweet commanders.

Despite having the villain abilities, he is loyal,sensitive, protective and values  his family.

Mostly all the characters are tall in the series that signifies their strength and powers.

The moral of the series is to be kind, help others and chaise your goals.

how tall is shanks

Are you an anime lover? Do you want to know the latest and most trending anime show?

Here comes, one of the most famous Netflix series, and that too a pirate fiction ie ‘one piece.

The characters of One Piece are generally tall which is a type of symbolism that defines their power, strength, and dominance.

Today, we will talk about one of the tallest characters i.e. Shanks. 

Also, Shanks was a role model for Luffy who was the protagonist of the series.

If you want to know more about Shanks and why he is considered closely related to Luffy, kindly go through the article below.

Who Is Shanks?

Red-haired shanks are a common name for shanks.

Shanks is also known as the leader of the Red Hair Pirates and one of the four emperors who reside in the New World.

He was the strongest pirate in the world and the role model of Luffy. 

What makes Shanks the most powerful pirate?

He was an expert in every aspect and was known to display the highest level of strength.

 One area of his expertise was swordsmanship.

He has enough stamina that he has fought for 5 days on a continuous basis.

He is one of the rare members in one piece who can use all three types of Haki.

Shanks has the next-level ability to tolerate pain.

After losing his one arm, he still manages to save Luffy.

How are Shanks and Luffy related?

Shank was the real inspiration for Luffy in both terms i.e. in terms of a pirate as well as in the form of a person.

Shanks inspired Luffy to become a pirate king and find the one piece. 

Captain Gol D. Roger gave her straw hat to Shanks which his father gave to Luffy.

Hence Shank was a father figure to Luffy and worked on the principle of Shanks.

How tall was Shanks?

Shank was tall, brawny, and tan complexion. The current and the after-time skip height of Shanks in cm is 199 cm. 

When he was a kid at that time he was 117 cm

Before the time skip his height was 182 cam.


Is someone stronger than Shanks?

Yes, Kaito is proven to be the strongest antagonist. 

Weakness of shanks?

His grand fleet is the only weakness of Shanks.

Did any devil fruit be eaten by Shanks?

No shanks didn’t eat devil fruit. 

Is Shanks Luffy’s friend?

Yes, there is a deep relationship between them.He is an idol as well as the real mentor to Luffy.

Can Luffy beat Shanks?

No, he is the most important character and has the ability to stand against every opponent but still can’t beat Shanks.

First appearance of shanks in anime?

In episode number 4 we will first see the appearance of shanks. 

What do shanks wear?

Shanks always wears a long black cloak and a straw hat.


Shanks is one of the prominent characters in the series and the main influencer for the Luffy.

Luffy got inspired by the Shanks to become the next pirate king and Luffy remembered his teaching so that the moral of the story is famed which is to be kind, help others, and be focused.

Thus, We will see in the beginning that Luffy and Shanks are closely related and Shanks was like a father figure to Luffy.

how tall is Kaido

One Piece characters are quite tall and strong. If you are wondering How tall is Kaido, then here in this post, we’ll be sharing every piece of information on this baddie character.

One Piece Overview

Since 1997, people all over the globe have adored Eiichiro Oda’s popular manga series, ONE PIECE.

The story follows Monkey D. Luffy, a young man with a dream, as he seeks to become King of the Pirates and retrieve the pirate Gold Roger’s treasure, the One Piece.

The universe of One Piece is enormous and limitless. It consists of several islands and settlements. Each Straw Hat hails from a separate island, and when they cross the Grand Line, their universe expands even further.

The quirkiness of One Piece contributes much to its enjoyment.

Who Kaido actually was? 

In the One Piece, Kaido is a most popular antagonist character, written and illustrated by Eiichiro.

He was the main villain of the Wano Arc. Moreover, the caption of the Beasts Pirate gang.

He was also a former Rocks gang member and one the of four emperors.

Kaidou was first introduced  by Monkey D. Garp in the Post-Enies Lobby Arc, when he exposed the existence of the Four Emperors.

A while later by Gecko Moria in the Thriller Bark Arc.

His ambitions were interrupted, however, when the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance stormed Onigashima and destroyed the Beast Pirates.

How tall was Kaido?

HEIGHT710 cm (23’4”)
DEVIL FRUITUo Uo ni Mi, Model: Seiryu is a Mythical Zoan-type devil fruit. 
CREWThe Beasts Pirates

Do Kaido rely on Devil Fruit?

Kaido’s scary strength is mostly due to his Devil Fruit, which was only recently identified by Eiichiro Oda, i.e, Uo Uo ni Mi, Model: Seiryu is a Mythical Zoan-type devil fruit which was given by Big Mom during the Gold Valley incident.

How does Kiado’s Devil Fruit Help Him? 

Uo Uo ni Mi, Model: Seiryu is a Mythical Zoan-type devil fruit which allows him to transfer into a dragon or daracomen and it was given by Big Mom during the Gold Valley incident.

Is Kaido killed by Luffy?

In One Piece, Kaido’s loss is genuinely ironic.

Luffy immediately overpowered and beat Kaido after changing into Gear 5 with his strongest attack, called Bajrang gun.

The punch knocked Yonko to the ground, leaving a noticeable hole in the shape of his dragon. Kaido was pushed underground so deep that he ended himself in a magma chamber.

After defeating Kaido, Monkey D. Luffy lost his position as one of the Four Emperors.

Wrap Up

Thus, One Piece is considered to be the most popular manga series written by Eiichiro Oda, the characters are astonishing as usual, all the details about the villains have been kept so frightening.

All the antagonists are described as tall in the series, as it signifies strength and power.

As we all know, Kaido’s height is 710 cm, and is the tallest among all the villains in the One Piece.

is doflamingo a celestial dragon

Doflamingo was a part of the celestial dragons, But his family lost their rights as celestial dragons when he was still young. Let us make you acquainted with the whole story. 

Who Is Doflamingo?

Doflamingo’s full name is Donquixote Doflamingo, who is a very popular villain in the anime and manga series “One Piece”. He made his debut in chapter 233 of the manga series and in episode 151 in the anime version. He is very popular because of his evil deeds, the way he treats people and tragedies related to his past life. 

His nickname is “Heavenly Yaksha” and in donquixote pirates, he is a captain. He is a part of the Donquixote family who were celestial dragons but later his father Donquixote homing decided to live a normal life. He took the throne from the king Riku doldo and himself became the King of Dressrosa, after this he became very popular. 

Now that we know that doflamingo was a celestial dragon, also known as world nobles. Let’s discuss more about celestial dragons.

Who Are Celestial Dragons?

In the manga and the anime series “One Piece”, Celestial dragons are a group of fictional characters. They are very powerful and shown as very cruel people. They are very rich and have power to rule over the world. They have the authority to do anything they want, they often mistreat people and believe they are superior to anyone in this world.

The five elders who are the public head of the world government are among the most powerful celestial dragons. But no one out of the five elders can be seen in the attire or physical appearance like the other celestial dragons.

Is Doflamingo A Celestial Dragon?

Donquixote Homing is the father of Donquixote Doflamingo, who was a celestial dragon but he decided to leave the group and live a simple life with the common people. This way they lost their rights and power and doflamingo really did not like that. 

Doflamingo’s younger brother whose name is Donquixote Rosinate has deep respect for his father. So he was also in favour of his father and was happy to live life as a commoner. But in contrast, Doflamingo was against his father and he started hating him. He used to love and protect his little brother but now he hates him as well. Doflmingo is the one who killed his own father and brother.

Doflamingo at a very young age was threatened to death by the celestial dragon because being a former celestial dragon, he had the knowledge and the power, yet he managed to survive. But he started blaming his father for their sufferings. 

It is very disturbing to know how a man can kill his own family. But this is what makes Doflamigo a true celestial dragon. The celestial dragons consider people as their own servants and they believe that they can get anything they want to be done by them. They are so cruel and have no respect for other human beings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Doflamingo Dead in One Piece?

No, He is not dead but he is imprisoned in Impel Town.

Is Luffy a celestial dragon?

No, Luffy is not a celestial dragon.

In Which episode It Was Revealed That Doflamingo is a Celestial Dragon?

In the 702nd episode, it was revealed that doflamingo is a celestial dragon.


One PIece has become one of the most popular anime series, the reason is its diverse characters and the story line.

In this article we have discussed a topic if Doflamingo is a celestial dragon or not. Many fans are still bewildered by this but through this article we have made it very much clear and comprehensible.

how did shanks get his scar

If you are a fan of the One Piece series, then you will know very well about each of its characters. Out of which Shanks is one of the most mysterious characters of all.

You all must know every fact about Shanks except his scar. Almost everyone has this confusion, “How Did Shanks Get His Scar”? Apart from taking correct information about Shank’s scar, people make some fake assumptions on their own.

We promise that after this article, all your assumptions will be broken you will get a clear picture of Shanks’s scar, and many more secrets about him are also revealed. 

Shanks Journey- Who Is Shanks In One Piece?

Shanks or Red-Haired Shanks is one of the most important and powerful characters of the One Piece series. He is an emperor as well as one of the kindest pirates in the East Blue. 

At first, Shanks worked as a trainee for the Roger Pirate with its partner Buggy. After that, he created his own crew team, named Red Hair Pirates. He is considered the captain or leader of the Red Hair Pirates. 

The best part about Shanks is that despite being a powerful pirate, he is kind and a good-hearted person. 

How Shanks Met Luffy? 

Shanks and Luffy are strongly connected to each other and share a great bond. Shanks met Luffy for the first time in a village. 

As long as he stayed in that village, he told Luffy about his powers and also taught him that even after being powerful, you should always remain kind. 

Shanks lost his left arm while saving Luffy from drowning, which shows that he loved Luffy a lot.  

Shanks is one of the best and most positive characters of the One Piece series. 

Who Gave Shanks The Scar On His Eye?

The physical appearance of Shanks is quite normal. He has tanned skin, a long neck, and black eyes. He wore a simple white shirt and showed off his broad chest with the upper buttons open. 

But, he has three scars across his left eye, which is quite strange. Do you know that there is a story behind that scar too? 

In simple words, we can say that Marshall D. Teach or Blackbeard gave those scars to the Shanks. 

How Did Shanks Get His Scar?

Well!! It is believed that Shanks and Blackbeard fought against each other and during that battle, Shanks got scars on his eyes. 

Let’s give a quick explanation. Shanks had “Gomu Nu Mi” Devil Fruit that Blackbeard wanted. So, Blackbeard started a battle against Shanks to win that Devil Fruit from him. 

In that fight, Blackbeard used his claws as a weapon against Shanks and attacked his eyes. Due to this, Shanks got three scars on his eyes. 

Who Won That Battle? Shanks Or Blackbeard

Well!! No one defeated anyone. After giving Shanks a scar on his face, Blackbeard suddenly realized that it was not that Devil Fruit he was looking for. 

So, Blackbeard ran away from that fight, and Shanks’s life was saved. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Age Did Shanks Get His Scar?

Maybe Shanks was between 22 years to 27 years old when he got his scar from Blackbeard. 

How Powerful Is Shanks?

Shank is one of the most powerful pirates in One Piece. He owns strong powers like amazing speed and strength, and he knows the abilities to use Haki too. He can kill the enemies just by looking at them with its Haki power. He is a great swordsman too. 


There are still most people who believe that when Shanks stole the Devil Fruit from the CPO Ship, he still had scars on his eyes. We don’t know if that’s actually true or not. 

But, you can believe in the fact, that Shanks got his scars from Blackbeard during a battle between them. 

Is Sanji a Lunarain?


One Piece was firstly begun as a Manga but was later formed as a television series.

The whole story revolves around how Monkey D. Luffy and his crew intended to claim the one piece and explored the great line in search of the ultimate treasure so that luffy could become the next pirate king.

Luffy was the prominent character of the series and later in the whole series their wars,fights and clashes to gain that legendary treasure are depicted in the series.

Oda has used the diverse characteristics which includes the hero or the most important character like luffy,some villains and some lunarians.

Do you know who are lunarains?

Why is Sanji considered a lunarian?What is the significance of lunarians?

All your questions will be answered all you need to just read the article below.

Who are Lunarain?

The Red Line race people who are capable of creating the flames from their bodies.

The race of ”gods” who lived at the top of the Red Line are formerly known as Lunarains.

However the king is known to be the only survivor as the race is considered extinct.

The identification of lunarains is that they have black wings, white hair and dark skin as well as burning flame behind their backs.

Lunarians are capable of creating powerful and wide fire attacks taking the forms of dragons.

Who was Sanji?

Sanji is known to be the chef of the straw hat pirate crew and the senior officers of the strongest hat grand fleet.

He belongs to the vinsmoke family and was the third son of the family. 

After facing the hard phrases of his life he became a sous chef at a sea floating restaurant in east blue under Zeff at the Baratie.

He was the fifth person to join Straw Hat Pirates.With Luffy and Zoro he was the member of the monster trio.

Dream of Sanji was to find  the rumored chef’s paradise. 


Appearance of Sanji:

A slim but muscular long legged man with blond hair covering either of the one eye.

Sanji has distinct eyebrows. His right is spiral at the outer end and left is spiral at the inner end and the eyes are black.

The hairstyle was changed before leaving his family and styled it in the opposite direction and wore a yellow shirt with number 3 black on it.

Abilities of Sanji :

Is one the important fighters of his crew. He only uses his hands for cooking and never  for fights as he has his own way of fighting and uses his kicking power which is all together known as Black Leg Style .

He also has the ability to use different attacks using Haki.

Also has the raid suit access which grants him increased physical abilities and he turns invisible after wearing it which adds to his abilities .

Also has the ability to create extremely strong flames.

What makes people believe that Sanji is a lunarain?

When the queen was talking about the king’s race at that time he mentioned his power over flame.

That made people believe that either sora to be a lunarain or Sanji was modified with lunarain linkage factors.

Is Sanji a lunarain?

Many of the people are confused whether Sanji is a lunarain or not.

However, the answer is that he is not a lunarian and a normal human

Vinsmokes are believed to be descended from lunarains and thus made people believe that in the past a lunarain is modified as a human body and Sannji is a full blooded lunarain. 


  1. Who was the strongest lunarian on one piece?

king Is highlighted  as one the strongest lunarain. 

  1. Who killed the lunarians. 

Joy Boy through his ancient weapon made the lunarains extinct.

  1. Speciality of lunarians in one piece?

Lunarians Are famous for their power and skill to manipulate fire.


Thus, from the above article will oda has designed various kinds of characters which has their own ability,skills and power

Likewise lunarains are famous for their ability to generate fire from their body and to Manipulate it.

The most doubtful character Sanji which led to the confusion is that whether he is a lunarain or not has been  solved and Sanji is not a lunarain and was misunderstood as lunarain. 

After the defeat of many lunarains the only survivor was the king.

how tall is Dolflamingo

Are you also an anime fan?

Want to know the most famous and the latest anime show?

So, one of the most well-known Netflix shows and trending nowadays is ‘One Piece’.

The characters are generally shown tall by Oda, the illustrator.

The main significance of their large height is to represent their strengths, power, and their dominance. 

Today we will discuss one of the tallest characters and the famous antagonists of the series i.e. Donquixote Doflamingo.

All you need is to read the article below to know about the character, appearance, how he gets defeated, and by whom.

Who was Donquixote Doflamingo?

He is known as the main antagonist of the Dressrosa Arc and the Dressrosa saga 

Captain of the Donquixote Pirates, Doflamingo is also known as ‘Heavenly Yaksha’.

He is also the ruler of Dresserorsa and one of the 7 Warlords.

 Doflamingo was known for his clever, cruel, arrogant, and manipulated character, making him a famous fictional character. 

Doflamingo: strengths 

Doflamingo has a great combination of strengths and abilities. Some of his powerful abilities are as follows:

  • Conqueror’s Haki which Doflamingo has the ability to use and only a few people can do it.
  •  His devil fruit power i.e. string-string fruit also adds to his strengths as it allows him to detach razor-sharp strings from his body.
  • He is also known for parasite techniques for controlling enemies as well as the ability to fly.
  • Apart from his physical abilities, he possesses good intelligence and leadership skills.

What Does Doflamingo Look Like?

Being a villain he was also known as the tallest character of the series with a tan skin.

He wears flamboyant clothes with some reference to the animal theme.

The sunglasses that he always wears and the light pink feathered long coat with high collars make him a distinct personality.

He is dressed in brightly colored clothes and has light blond hair.

How tall is Doflamingo?

Doflamingo was 10 feet tall and 305cm.

Oda has made him a towering character because of some significance like it is an indication of his power and strengths, dominance as the ruler and the leader, and his physical presence and the sense of fear of his tall height against his opponents.


Who defeated Doflamingo first?

Doflamingo was first defeated by Luffy.

Main weaknesses of Doflamingo?

Short-tempered, arrogant, and overconfident are his main weaknesses.

Why did Luffy defeat Doflamingo?

The main reason to fight with Doflamingo was to save Law’s life.

In which episode does Doflamingo appear?

In episode 151 of One Piece Doflamingo is first seen.

Does Dolfamingo share a romantic relationship?

Yes, he shares a romantic relationship with Viola.

Is Doffy seen without sunglasses?

No Doffy was ever seen without the sunglasses and he never removed it.

What was the reason for wearing sunglasses?

The main reason was that he’s blind to his (IIRC) left eye.


Thus, we can see from the above article that Doflamingo was one of the most important fictional characters of the series. He was characterized by his intelligence, leadership, and towering height.

As such there is no physical weakness there of him but his overconfidence and arrogance lead to his defeat.

In the end, Dolfamingo is defeated by the protagonist i.e. Luffy, and after his defeat, he ended up in Impel Down as being imprisoned.

Did Luffy Beat Kaido?

Are you more into the antagonist characters? So you are in the right place as today we have covered a famous manga series known as One Piece’s evildoer.

There are many villains in this show namely Donquixote Doflamingo, blackboard, kind, big mom, and so on.

Today in the article below we will talk about one of them i.e. Kaido and at the end we know who defeated Kaido as the end of villains is certain.

Kaido was who?

Four emperors who ruled over the New World had a former member known as Kaido.

Apart from being the leader of Beast Pirates, he was known as the strongest creature and one of the famous antagonists.

The role of villain is played primarily in Wano country Arc where he comes in contact with the straw hat crew members as well as in the Dressrosa series.

An isolated and important region known as Wano is ruled by him.

Strengths and weaknesses of Kaido:

Kaito is known to be the strongest because of his following strengths. Ability to change into a dragon by eating zoan-type devil fruit.

He has good skills using Haki like Armament Haki which enhances aggressive and defense skills. Apart from that, he has great physical strength and willpower.

The belief of him as an invisible person and overconfidence in it leads to defeat. Cannot swim in deep water however resist drawing.

Also, the habit of consuming excessive alcohol is one of the weak points that adds to his weakness. In the end, his arrogance and excessive trust in himself lead to wrong decisions making.

How did Kaido look?

The one feature that makes him look distinct is the pair of horns on his head which resembles a dragon.

On his left bicep, he had a trial-style dragon tattoo. His clothing style reflects that he was a powerful ruler and wore a dark-colored kimono.

His face is covered with a beard. Also coming to his body he has a muscular, large, and gigantic body with physical strength and good physique.

Kaido was defeated by whom and when?

Luffy defeated Kaido in episode number 1049.

A total of two fights took place between them the first one took place when Oden castle was destroyed by Kaido which made Kaido prisoned.

The second fight took place when Luffy recognized the problems faced by the Wano people and when Kaido was defeated he was thrown into the floating island.

Is Luffy able to defeat Kaido?

Yes, he was successful in defeating Kaido.

Which type of character is Kaido?

He was a monstrous creature and could not be defeated at once.

What was the devil’s fruit of Kaido?

Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryuu is the devil fruit of Kaido.

Who was more powerful than Kaido?

Blackbeard stood more powerful than Kaido.

How many times has Luffy defeated Kaido?

2 times Luffy defeated Kaido.

Who defeated Kaido first?

Kaido was defeated first by Oden Kozuki 


Thus we can see from the above article that Kaido was the strongest villain but somehow his cruelties and overconfidence led to his defeat.

He was defeated by the main character Luffy. Their massive battle took Wano country.

Hence Kaido was represented not as a normal human creature but as a monstrous character with a gigantic size and tall body adding high muscular physique.

when does jinbei join the straw hats

Are you also a one-piece viewer? 

Are you curious to know when Jinbei joined the Straw Hats?

Well, you’re in the right spot.

Today we’ll talk about one piece, who was Jinbei and when did he join the straw hats.

Lets first know- 

One Piece Overview

One Piece is known to be the world-famous series that comes under anime.

The one-piece is written by Eiichiro Oda.

Currently in its 20th season, One Piece has 1,077 episodes as of September 2023.

The universe of one piece is vast and limitless. It is composed of numerous islands and villages. Each straw hat hails from a separate island and when they cross the grand line, their world expands even further.

The title of the program comes from Luffy ( the protagonist ), who desires to find the One Piece and become the next Pirate King.

Throughout the series, Luffy goes on various adventures and travels from island to island which creates suspension and interest in the show and makes it popular to watch.

Who was The Jibein in One Piece?

Jinbie is an important character in both manga and anime series One Piece.

Popularly known as “The Knight Of The Sea”, he is characterized as the half-man and half-fish (a blue whale shark).

Jinbie is extremely powerful and possesses a variety of abilities and powers. He has superpowers through which he can manipulate the water as if it were something solid. Moreover, he can also understand the fish language and can get help from them.

He formerly served as a member of the Fishman Pirates under the Fisher Tiger.

But as we all know, Jinbie is a man who always minds his own business and doesn’t get too involved with anyone in the show.

Let us see how he agreed to be a part of Straw Hats in the article below.

When Jinbei joined the Straw Hats?

Quite a while in episode 568, as Jinbie was administering a blood transfusion to save Luffy’s life, Luffy offered Jinbei to join the crew but he declined due to other responsibilities. It was revealed that Jinbie was a member of Big Mom Pirates.

Jinbie did not officially accept the invitation.

He joined the Strawhats crew in episode 90 which was titled “A New Member! First Son of the Sea Jinbei” in the 20th season. 

After joining the strawhats crew, Jinbie was handled with two important duties.

He was considered as their helmsman, in the position of steering the ship they were on. Jinbei was also declared to hold the position of high officer in the great fleet of straw hats. 

At the very start of the joining strawhats Jinbei proves himself and protects Luffy from his enemies as well as wages war with Orchi and also with the queen.


Does Jinbei rely on devil fruits? 

Jinbei himself is extremely powerful and possesses various powers and no he doesn’t rely on any devil’s fruit.

In which episode Jinbei declined Luffy’s offer to join the strawhats? 

In episode 568, Luffy offered Jenbie to be a part of Strawhats but Junbei declined his offer as he wanted to protect the people of his island. 

Last Words

Thus, the article above has provided vast knowledge of who was the Jenbei and when actually Jinbei became part of straw hats. 

Also, we got to know about how he chose to serve his people first and then to be a part of strawhats. 

At the end, Jenbei accepted the Luffy offer and now Jenbei holds major responsibilities in the crew.

what episode does jinbei join the crew

One of the main characters in the anime and manga series “One Piece” is Jinbe, who is also known as The Knight of the Sea. He is a master of both Fishman Karate and Fishman Jujutsu. Jinbe’s ultimate goal is to accomplish Captain Fisher Tiger’s final Desire, which was for humans and fishmen to Live in Peace and equality.

When Jinbe Returned to the Straw Hats during the Wano Country Arc, He declared his status as a crew member after sticking behind in Totto land to defend the Sun Pirates from Big Mom’s outrage.

In Episode 568, Luffy asks Jinbe for the first time to join his crew but JInbe refused to join at that time. Later In Episode 876, which marked the end of The Whole Cake Island Arc, Jinbe joined the crew in a formally recognized role.

Why Did Jinbe Not Join The Crew The First Time?

In Episode 568 of the Fishman Island Arc, When Luffy originally requested Jinbe to join his crew , Jinbe declined because he wished to defend the residents of the Fishman Island.

Jinbe was unable to join the Straw Hats because of a vow he made to defend Fish Man Island. In Order to do so, he and his crew had to join the Big Mom Pirates, and by doing so Fish Man Island was given protection by becoming a part of Big Mom’s empire.

What Episode Does Jinbei Join The Crew?

Luffy wants to have the most powerful members in his crew. He prefers quality over quantity so he only wants to have 10 capable members in his crew rather than a large number of weak people.

When Luffy was breaking into the Jail in search of Ace in Impel Down, Luffy and Jinbe first encountered each other. In Marineford Arc, Jinbe aided Luffy by saving his life and also assisted him in rescuing Ace from execution. Jinbe stayed close to Luffy and protected him while he was fatigued and also helped him in getting black on his feet. Luffy was impressed by Jinbe and he suggested that he should join his ship as a crew member.

When they first reunited again after a gap of 2 years, in Fishman island, Luffy asked him to join the crew but Jinbe refused as he had other commitments.

In the Episode 876, “The Man of Humanity and Justice – Jinbe, a Desperate Massive Ocean Current”

Jinbe formally joined the crew and he was the only person on the team who had previously served as a Warlord and the only one who took such a lengthy time to join Luffy’s Crew. Luffy and Jinbe share similar objectives and passions. JInbe decided to join Luffy’s crew in order to prolong their partnership and deepen their relationship.

Let’s discuss what actually happened in this particular episode. The Big Mom Pirates are briefly duped into thinking that the straw hats are dead by the fishmen.

As the crew quickly becomes overburdened, Jinbe is given permission to assist his former crew and return to Luffy in the Wano country. As a result, the straw hats were able to evacuate the Big Mom Pirates and Leave Tottoland.

The highlight of this episode is the moment when Luffy accepts Jinbe’s request to save his old crew and shows concern for Jinbe.


In the 876th episode of the anime series One Piece, Jinbe finally decided to join Luffy’s crew. So in this article, We have provided you with the summary of the episode and all the information about Jinbe joining Luffy’s crew.