Is Sanji a Lunarain?

Is Sanji a Lunarain?


One Piece was firstly begun as a Manga but was later formed as a television series.

The whole story revolves around how Monkey D. Luffy and his crew intended to claim the one piece and explored the great line in search of the ultimate treasure so that luffy could become the next pirate king.

Luffy was the prominent character of the series and later in the whole series their wars,fights and clashes to gain that legendary treasure are depicted in the series.

Oda has used the diverse characteristics which includes the hero or the most important character like luffy,some villains and some lunarians.

Do you know who are lunarains?

Why is Sanji considered a lunarian?What is the significance of lunarians?

All your questions will be answered all you need to just read the article below.

Who are Lunarain?

The Red Line race people who are capable of creating the flames from their bodies.

The race of ”gods” who lived at the top of the Red Line are formerly known as Lunarains.

However the king is known to be the only survivor as the race is considered extinct.

The identification of lunarains is that they have black wings, white hair and dark skin as well as burning flame behind their backs.

Lunarians are capable of creating powerful and wide fire attacks taking the forms of dragons.

Who was Sanji?

Sanji is known to be the chef of the straw hat pirate crew and the senior officers of the strongest hat grand fleet.

He belongs to the vinsmoke family and was the third son of the family. 

After facing the hard phrases of his life he became a sous chef at a sea floating restaurant in east blue under Zeff at the Baratie.

He was the fifth person to join Straw Hat Pirates.With Luffy and Zoro he was the member of the monster trio.

Dream of Sanji was to find  the rumored chef’s paradise. 


Appearance of Sanji:

A slim but muscular long legged man with blond hair covering either of the one eye.

Sanji has distinct eyebrows. His right is spiral at the outer end and left is spiral at the inner end and the eyes are black.

The hairstyle was changed before leaving his family and styled it in the opposite direction and wore a yellow shirt with number 3 black on it.

Abilities of Sanji :

Is one the important fighters of his crew. He only uses his hands for cooking and never  for fights as he has his own way of fighting and uses his kicking power which is all together known as Black Leg Style .

He also has the ability to use different attacks using Haki.

Also has the raid suit access which grants him increased physical abilities and he turns invisible after wearing it which adds to his abilities .

Also has the ability to create extremely strong flames.

What makes people believe that Sanji is a lunarain?

When the queen was talking about the king’s race at that time he mentioned his power over flame.

That made people believe that either sora to be a lunarain or Sanji was modified with lunarain linkage factors.

Is Sanji a lunarain?

Many of the people are confused whether Sanji is a lunarain or not.

However, the answer is that he is not a lunarian and a normal human

Vinsmokes are believed to be descended from lunarains and thus made people believe that in the past a lunarain is modified as a human body and Sannji is a full blooded lunarain. 


  1. Who was the strongest lunarian on one piece?

king Is highlighted  as one the strongest lunarain. 

  1. Who killed the lunarians. 

Joy Boy through his ancient weapon made the lunarains extinct.

  1. Speciality of lunarians in one piece?

Lunarians Are famous for their power and skill to manipulate fire.


Thus, from the above article will oda has designed various kinds of characters which has their own ability,skills and power

Likewise lunarains are famous for their ability to generate fire from their body and to Manipulate it.

The most doubtful character Sanji which led to the confusion is that whether he is a lunarain or not has been  solved and Sanji is not a lunarain and was misunderstood as lunarain. 

After the defeat of many lunarains the only survivor was the king.

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