how did shanks get his scar

how did shanks get his scar

If you are a fan of the One Piece series, then you will know very well about each of its characters. Out of which Shanks is one of the most mysterious characters of all.

You all must know every fact about Shanks except his scar. Almost everyone has this confusion, “How Did Shanks Get His Scar”? Apart from taking correct information about Shank’s scar, people make some fake assumptions on their own.

We promise that after this article, all your assumptions will be broken you will get a clear picture of Shanks’s scar, and many more secrets about him are also revealed. 

Shanks Journey- Who Is Shanks In One Piece?

Shanks or Red-Haired Shanks is one of the most important and powerful characters of the One Piece series. He is an emperor as well as one of the kindest pirates in the East Blue. 

At first, Shanks worked as a trainee for the Roger Pirate with its partner Buggy. After that, he created his own crew team, named Red Hair Pirates. He is considered the captain or leader of the Red Hair Pirates. 

The best part about Shanks is that despite being a powerful pirate, he is kind and a good-hearted person. 

How Shanks Met Luffy? 

Shanks and Luffy are strongly connected to each other and share a great bond. Shanks met Luffy for the first time in a village. 

As long as he stayed in that village, he told Luffy about his powers and also taught him that even after being powerful, you should always remain kind. 

Shanks lost his left arm while saving Luffy from drowning, which shows that he loved Luffy a lot.  

Shanks is one of the best and most positive characters of the One Piece series. 

Who Gave Shanks The Scar On His Eye?

The physical appearance of Shanks is quite normal. He has tanned skin, a long neck, and black eyes. He wore a simple white shirt and showed off his broad chest with the upper buttons open. 

But, he has three scars across his left eye, which is quite strange. Do you know that there is a story behind that scar too? 

In simple words, we can say that Marshall D. Teach or Blackbeard gave those scars to the Shanks. 

How Did Shanks Get His Scar?

Well!! It is believed that Shanks and Blackbeard fought against each other and during that battle, Shanks got scars on his eyes. 

Let’s give a quick explanation. Shanks had “Gomu Nu Mi” Devil Fruit that Blackbeard wanted. So, Blackbeard started a battle against Shanks to win that Devil Fruit from him. 

In that fight, Blackbeard used his claws as a weapon against Shanks and attacked his eyes. Due to this, Shanks got three scars on his eyes. 

Who Won That Battle? Shanks Or Blackbeard

Well!! No one defeated anyone. After giving Shanks a scar on his face, Blackbeard suddenly realized that it was not that Devil Fruit he was looking for. 

So, Blackbeard ran away from that fight, and Shanks’s life was saved. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Age Did Shanks Get His Scar?

Maybe Shanks was between 22 years to 27 years old when he got his scar from Blackbeard. 

How Powerful Is Shanks?

Shank is one of the most powerful pirates in One Piece. He owns strong powers like amazing speed and strength, and he knows the abilities to use Haki too. He can kill the enemies just by looking at them with its Haki power. He is a great swordsman too. 


There are still most people who believe that when Shanks stole the Devil Fruit from the CPO Ship, he still had scars on his eyes. We don’t know if that’s actually true or not. 

But, you can believe in the fact, that Shanks got his scars from Blackbeard during a battle between them. 

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