when does jinbei join the straw hats

when does jinbei join the straw hats

Are you also a one-piece viewer? 

Are you curious to know when Jinbei joined the Straw Hats?

Well, you’re in the right spot.

Today we’ll talk about one piece, who was Jinbei and when did he join the straw hats.

Lets first know- 

One Piece Overview

One Piece is known to be the world-famous series that comes under anime.

The one-piece is written by Eiichiro Oda.

Currently in its 20th season, One Piece has 1,077 episodes as of September 2023.

The universe of one piece is vast and limitless. It is composed of numerous islands and villages. Each straw hat hails from a separate island and when they cross the grand line, their world expands even further.

The title of the program comes from Luffy ( the protagonist ), who desires to find the One Piece and become the next Pirate King.

Throughout the series, Luffy goes on various adventures and travels from island to island which creates suspension and interest in the show and makes it popular to watch.

Who was The Jibein in One Piece?

Jinbie is an important character in both manga and anime series One Piece.

Popularly known as “The Knight Of The Sea”, he is characterized as the half-man and half-fish (a blue whale shark).

Jinbie is extremely powerful and possesses a variety of abilities and powers. He has superpowers through which he can manipulate the water as if it were something solid. Moreover, he can also understand the fish language and can get help from them.

He formerly served as a member of the Fishman Pirates under the Fisher Tiger.

But as we all know, Jinbie is a man who always minds his own business and doesn’t get too involved with anyone in the show.

Let us see how he agreed to be a part of Straw Hats in the article below.

When Jinbei joined the Straw Hats?

Quite a while in episode 568, as Jinbie was administering a blood transfusion to save Luffy’s life, Luffy offered Jinbei to join the crew but he declined due to other responsibilities. It was revealed that Jinbie was a member of Big Mom Pirates.

Jinbie did not officially accept the invitation.

He joined the Strawhats crew in episode 90 which was titled “A New Member! First Son of the Sea Jinbei” in the 20th season. 

After joining the strawhats crew, Jinbie was handled with two important duties.

He was considered as their helmsman, in the position of steering the ship they were on. Jinbei was also declared to hold the position of high officer in the great fleet of straw hats. 

At the very start of the joining strawhats Jinbei proves himself and protects Luffy from his enemies as well as wages war with Orchi and also with the queen.


Does Jinbei rely on devil fruits? 

Jinbei himself is extremely powerful and possesses various powers and no he doesn’t rely on any devil’s fruit.

In which episode Jinbei declined Luffy’s offer to join the strawhats? 

In episode 568, Luffy offered Jenbie to be a part of Strawhats but Junbei declined his offer as he wanted to protect the people of his island. 

Last Words

Thus, the article above has provided vast knowledge of who was the Jenbei and when actually Jinbei became part of straw hats. 

Also, we got to know about how he chose to serve his people first and then to be a part of strawhats. 

At the end, Jenbei accepted the Luffy offer and now Jenbei holds major responsibilities in the crew.

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