what episode does jinbei join the crew

what episode does jinbei join the crew

One of the main characters in the anime and manga series “One Piece” is Jinbe, who is also known as The Knight of the Sea. He is a master of both Fishman Karate and Fishman Jujutsu. Jinbe’s ultimate goal is to accomplish Captain Fisher Tiger’s final Desire, which was for humans and fishmen to Live in Peace and equality.

When Jinbe Returned to the Straw Hats during the Wano Country Arc, He declared his status as a crew member after sticking behind in Totto land to defend the Sun Pirates from Big Mom’s outrage.

In Episode 568, Luffy asks Jinbe for the first time to join his crew but JInbe refused to join at that time. Later In Episode 876, which marked the end of The Whole Cake Island Arc, Jinbe joined the crew in a formally recognized role.

Why Did Jinbe Not Join The Crew The First Time?

In Episode 568 of the Fishman Island Arc, When Luffy originally requested Jinbe to join his crew , Jinbe declined because he wished to defend the residents of the Fishman Island.

Jinbe was unable to join the Straw Hats because of a vow he made to defend Fish Man Island. In Order to do so, he and his crew had to join the Big Mom Pirates, and by doing so Fish Man Island was given protection by becoming a part of Big Mom’s empire.

What Episode Does Jinbei Join The Crew?

Luffy wants to have the most powerful members in his crew. He prefers quality over quantity so he only wants to have 10 capable members in his crew rather than a large number of weak people.

When Luffy was breaking into the Jail in search of Ace in Impel Down, Luffy and Jinbe first encountered each other. In Marineford Arc, Jinbe aided Luffy by saving his life and also assisted him in rescuing Ace from execution. Jinbe stayed close to Luffy and protected him while he was fatigued and also helped him in getting black on his feet. Luffy was impressed by Jinbe and he suggested that he should join his ship as a crew member.

When they first reunited again after a gap of 2 years, in Fishman island, Luffy asked him to join the crew but Jinbe refused as he had other commitments.

In the Episode 876, “The Man of Humanity and Justice – Jinbe, a Desperate Massive Ocean Current”

Jinbe formally joined the crew and he was the only person on the team who had previously served as a Warlord and the only one who took such a lengthy time to join Luffy’s Crew. Luffy and Jinbe share similar objectives and passions. JInbe decided to join Luffy’s crew in order to prolong their partnership and deepen their relationship.

Let’s discuss what actually happened in this particular episode. The Big Mom Pirates are briefly duped into thinking that the straw hats are dead by the fishmen.

As the crew quickly becomes overburdened, Jinbe is given permission to assist his former crew and return to Luffy in the Wano country. As a result, the straw hats were able to evacuate the Big Mom Pirates and Leave Tottoland.

The highlight of this episode is the moment when Luffy accepts Jinbe’s request to save his old crew and shows concern for Jinbe.


In the 876th episode of the anime series One Piece, Jinbe finally decided to join Luffy’s crew. So in this article, We have provided you with the summary of the episode and all the information about Jinbe joining Luffy’s crew.

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