how tall is shanks

how tall is shanks

Are you an anime lover? Do you want to know the latest and most trending anime show?

Here comes, one of the most famous Netflix series, and that too a pirate fiction ie ‘one piece.

The characters of One Piece are generally tall which is a type of symbolism that defines their power, strength, and dominance.

Today, we will talk about one of the tallest characters i.e. Shanks. 

Also, Shanks was a role model for Luffy who was the protagonist of the series.

If you want to know more about Shanks and why he is considered closely related to Luffy, kindly go through the article below.

Who Is Shanks?

Red-haired shanks are a common name for shanks.

Shanks is also known as the leader of the Red Hair Pirates and one of the four emperors who reside in the New World.

He was the strongest pirate in the world and the role model of Luffy. 

What makes Shanks the most powerful pirate?

He was an expert in every aspect and was known to display the highest level of strength.

 One area of his expertise was swordsmanship.

He has enough stamina that he has fought for 5 days on a continuous basis.

He is one of the rare members in one piece who can use all three types of Haki.

Shanks has the next-level ability to tolerate pain.

After losing his one arm, he still manages to save Luffy.

How are Shanks and Luffy related?

Shank was the real inspiration for Luffy in both terms i.e. in terms of a pirate as well as in the form of a person.

Shanks inspired Luffy to become a pirate king and find the one piece. 

Captain Gol D. Roger gave her straw hat to Shanks which his father gave to Luffy.

Hence Shank was a father figure to Luffy and worked on the principle of Shanks.

How tall was Shanks?

Shank was tall, brawny, and tan complexion. The current and the after-time skip height of Shanks in cm is 199 cm. 

When he was a kid at that time he was 117 cm

Before the time skip his height was 182 cam.


Is someone stronger than Shanks?

Yes, Kaito is proven to be the strongest antagonist. 

Weakness of shanks?

His grand fleet is the only weakness of Shanks.

Did any devil fruit be eaten by Shanks?

No shanks didn’t eat devil fruit. 

Is Shanks Luffy’s friend?

Yes, there is a deep relationship between them.He is an idol as well as the real mentor to Luffy.

Can Luffy beat Shanks?

No, he is the most important character and has the ability to stand against every opponent but still can’t beat Shanks.

First appearance of shanks in anime?

In episode number 4 we will first see the appearance of shanks. 

What do shanks wear?

Shanks always wears a long black cloak and a straw hat.


Shanks is one of the prominent characters in the series and the main influencer for the Luffy.

Luffy got inspired by the Shanks to become the next pirate king and Luffy remembered his teaching so that the moral of the story is famed which is to be kind, help others, and be focused.

Thus, We will see in the beginning that Luffy and Shanks are closely related and Shanks was like a father figure to Luffy.

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