In what episode does Luffy fight kaido

In what episode does Luffy fight kaido

Luffy or Monkey D. Luffy is a fictional character in the Manga series One Piece written by Eiichiro Oda. Luffy has fought battles with a lot of other characters and defeated them easily. But his toughest fight is with Kaido of the four emperors.

Kaido, the king of the beast, is one of the strongest creatures. The fight between Luffy and Kaido is meant to be the best and most difficult fight that we have seen in One Piece till now.

If we refer to the Manga, their first fight was published in chapters 922 to 924. Luffy defeats Kaido in their second fight in chapter 1049 but unfortunately, their second fight is not there in the Anime series.

This article will give you a detailed overview of the fight between Luffy and Kaido in Episode 914 of One Piece.

What Episode Does Luffy Fight Kaido?

In the 914th episode of the One Piece Manga, Luffy and Kaido fought for the first time after Kaido destroyed the Oden’s Castle.

The episode was aired on December 15 2019 on the OTT platform in which we can see Lufy and Kaido fighting for the first time. The reason for their fight can be seen in the previous episode 913.

Why Does Luffy fight Kaido?

Let us first know how and why the epic fight between the two of them started. When Kaido is told that Luffy and Law are hiding by the Oden’s Castle, Kaido destroys the whole castle and some part of the nearby mountain with his Bolo breath.

Luffy was shocked to see that because at first, he thought his friends were inside the castle and would be dead by now. Luffy was furious at Kaido because of this incident. Later on, he is relieved when he finds out that his friends are safe.

               “Finally Clashing – The Ferocious Luffy vs. Kaidou”

In Episode 914 of One Piece, the fight between Lufy and Kaido is the result of Lufy’s rage for Kaido. Lufy started chasing after Kaido and he used his gun to shoot Kaido in the head which made him fall to the ground.

Having escaped Kaido’s onslaught, kin’emon and Kiku get up. To his surprise, however,  he discovers a gaping hole where Oden’s castle had stood.

While Kiku travels to the mountain, Luffy follows suit and arrives at the scene of Speed’s injured body. Speed explains that Kaido ran into her and assaulted them as she was returning with Tama to her house.

Luffy yells Kaido’s name in a fit of rage, arousing the dragon. They start a furious combat immediately.

Despite being successfully knocked to the ground by Kaido’s tail, Luffy gets back up. In Tama’s memory, luffy attacks Kaido with the Elephant Gatling Gun and pummels him with enormous hands imbued with haki.


The influence of anime on world pop culture is evident and is getting stronger. There are numerous and growing One Piece fans.

In this article, We gave you thorough information on the episode in which Luffy engages in battle with Kaido.

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