Is For The King Cross Platform?

Is For The King Cross Platform? Let's Find Out!

In an effort to present a distinct and demanding playing scenario, For the King functions as a turn-based tactical RPG that incorporates aspects of roguelike games and board games. But exactly how does For The King’s crossplay functionality hold up? Let’s find out then, shall we?

In the game For the King, users acquire control of a group of explorers who need to investigate a randomly produced realm, accomplish responsibilities, and engage in turn-based warfare with adversaries. Hex-based panels serve a purpose in the game to regulate mobility and fighting.

A partial form of inter-device gameplay can be acquired in For The King. This means that while some systems are qualified as cross-platform enabled others are simply locked to their system’s specifies network which certainly puts consumers of those systems at a disadvantage.

However, which platforms are certain to crossplay For The King and which are not? Well, if you wish to know that you must have a deep dive on the guide ahead.

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Is For The King Cross Platform?

Having the capability to run on systems of multiple form factor passes For The King as cross-platform. The capable names, however, are:

1. Microsoft Store (Via Epic Games Store, Steam, and Humble Bundle)

2. Xbox Series X|S (Backward Compatibility)

3. macOS

4. PlayStation 4

5. Nintendo Switch

6. Xbox One

7. Linux

8. PlayStation 5 (Backward Compatibility)

Thus, you can enjoy this game For The King on any of the devices or platforms that have been mentioned above.

Is For The King Crossplay?

Crossplay in For The King can be performed only by the means mentioned below:

1. All PCs (Windows, macOS, and Linux) possessing For The King via Steam Store are backed for crossplay with one another.

2. Crossplay across Steam and Epic Games Store variants of For The King is also permissioned.

Does For The King Have Cross-Progression?

Cross-progression is baked and served just the same way as crossplay by For The King. In other words, PC-to-PC (Windows, Linux, and macOS) data syncing can be handled, all thanks to Steam Cloud. In addition to that, Steam to Epic Games Store in-game file migration can also be attained.

Is For The King Couch Co-Op?

If you have 2 additional gamers with you, couch co-op in Fot The King is not a crazy dilemma. All the systems on which For The King can be enjoyed have a mix of three individual local game modes in which either all the players are playing remotely or 2 gamers from one system and one connected via the web.

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Is For The King Cross-Platform Between PC And Xbox?

Sadly, PC and Xbox cannot have any desired engagement in the same For The King session. So, if you have a PC and your friends own Xbox or vice versa, you will not be able to play this game with them online at all.

Is For The King Cross-Platform Between Steam And Epic?

Certainly, both PC storefronts’ editions are encouraged for crossplay in For The King alongside each other. So, no matter you and your friends have purchased this game from Steam or the Epic Store, you can always engage in the same gameplay provided that you have supported devices for crossplay mode.

Is For The King Cross-Platform Between PS5/PS4 And PC?

Unfortunately, consoles (PS) and PCs are kept on separate online networks in the context of the game “For The King”. So, if you have a PC while your friends use PlayStations for gaming, you will not be able to enjoy this game with them online.

Wrapping Up

All that mentioned here holds true in accordance with the details valid regarding For The King. We hope that this information might be sufficient for you to decide whether you should get this game for you and your friends or not. If you are curious to have any game knowledge in your arsenal, consider telling us that through the comments.

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