How To Get Godsplitter In Remnant 2?

How To Get Godsplitter In Remnant 2?

What can a gamer expect from Google in today’s time? This means that whatever question he asks about his favorite gaming, he should give a straight and correct answer. 

Even if it’s a trick or about cheat codes, the gamer has only one answer for such circumstances, ‘We will survive with all our might!’

Perhaps one such question has come from you as an Aladdin’s lamp for other gamers. So, let’s get started with today’s article on how to get godsplitter in Remnant 2.

What Is Godsplitter In Remnant 2?

If you are a Remnant player then you must be aware that Remnant 2 has more weapons which include long guns, handguns, melee weapons, etc. 

Godsplitter is a weapon that you can’t get just like that, you will have to work a little hard to get it. 

Godsplitter in the Remnant 2 video game is a kind of reward that you get in the battles between Losomn Bosses- Faerin and Faelin. 

However, if seen here, Faelin and Faerin are like two sides of a coin [Beatific Palace and Malefic Palace].

They will ask both of you to kill the other but keep in mind, if you want the Godsplitter weapon, then you should play Losomn twice the times at least.

As you defeat the Faelin boss, you will receive a crafting material known as Imposter’s heart and you will also get a Melded Hilt item as a reward from Faerin. 

After receiving these rewards and putting them to use, you need to move your reward items in Ward 13 to Mccabe, where you can create or develop your weapons.

Why Do We Need Godsplitter In Remnant 2?

Before providing the advantages of this weapon to you, let’s have a look at  the table given below:

Weak Spot Damage+50%
Stagger Modifier-20%
Critical Hit Chance2%

From the above-provided table, you may have got an idea about what are the advantages of having a Godsplitter weapon and why you need this weapon in the Remnant 2 video game. Now, to make this more clear and understandable, look at the below-mentioned point:

  • If you love to play with your team then this weapon is perfect for you. This weapon is a quick spinner and can tackle up to 38 damage strikes.
  • Fracture is a unique mode of activity that hits the weak spot of the enemies to damage well in just two seconds. 


We truly expect you to find this guide useful as well as educational, and would able to understand about Godsplitter weapon in Remnant 2 and what is the need of this weapon in your gameplay. 

We have also discussed how you can get this weapon on your own and what are the benefits of having this weapon on your game’s side. Let us know how you feel about our content and we will connect soon with our latest Remnant article with some latest updates!


Q1. Where do you find this Godsplitter weapon?

Ans. You will get this incredible weapon in the Losomn bosses’ in-build area. Faerin will reward you with this weapon if you kill the other boss named Faelin. 

Q2. What is the advantage of a stagger modifier?

Ans. With the help of this modifier, you can know when and from where you and your friends are being attacked. This further enhances your ability to meditate. 

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