6 Ways On How to Spot a Gamer? Don’t Miss 5th Sign!

6 Ways On How to Spot a Gamer? Don't Miss 5th Sign!

Well!! Do you think that you are a true gamer? It seems like most of the time, there is a fight between you and your friend about “being a gamer”. Right? To solve this, you need to know “how to spot a gamer”?

If we take a general look, then there are different ways to spot a gamer. Maybe they have a gamer personality or their hobbies include gaming video games.

These are all just general perceptions to spot a gamer. If you are interested in learning about the best ways to Spot Gamers, then do read this entire article.

6 Signs To Spot A Gamer Are- 

  1. Prioritize Gaming Over Other Activities
  2. Emotional Connection With Video Games
  3. Make Gaming Their Profession
  4. Spend Money On Gaming Equipment
  5. Endured Into Arguments About Gaming Platforms
  6. Great Knowledge Of Gaming Tips & Tricks

Let’s understand these topics one by one.

How To Spot A Gamer Easily?

Everyone plays games, but why don’t we call everyone a gamer? It is because a lot of games have their own hacks and quirks and not everyone understands them.

Many people consider gaming just as a sort of enjoyment or as their favorite time pass. But a true gamer is not like that.

So, what are the qualities or signs of a gamer? Let’s take a deep look at the below-mentioned heading to “Spot A Gamer”.

#1 They Prioritize Gaming Over Other Activities

I think this is the most important thing to identify a true gamer. Because everyone works according to their priority.

Those people who play games in their free time are not called gamers, but those people who prioritize gaming over other activities are called True Gamers.

Gaming is their priority, and there should be no doubt that this is actually a mark of a gamer.

But make sure that you balance your personal life and gaming life in good aspects.

#2 They Have Emotional Connection With Video Games

Okay!! Now let’s talk about emotions. It is said that a person is emotionally connected with the things they love or like the most.

If you are also emotionally wired with your video games, then this is a sign that you are a gamer.

If someone feels a strong sense of emotional happiness inside their heart while diving into the gaming world, then we can actually say they are a “A Gamer”.

#3 They Make Gaming Their Profession

You see a lot of people are opening their YouTube Gaming channels and making a lot of money from it. Because they choose gaming as their profession.

For them, gaming is the only source of income and they do not even think to go into the other profession. Their main focus is only on gaming.

#4 They Spend Money On Gaming Equipment

Some people are a fan of gaming at this level, that they won’t even regret investing a good amount of money in purchasing their gaming equipment.

You all know that hardcore gaming equipment is quite expensive, but still, if you choose to spend money on them, then You are actually a true Gamer.

#5 They Have Endured Into Arguments About Gaming Platforms

Well!! Playing a great game is not enough to be a good gamer. You actually need to be a full package with a great knowledge of gaming platforms too.

It means that you actually make yourself so capable that, you can suggest the best gaming platforms to someone.

For this, you must have a good knowledge and experience with different gaming platforms like- Xbox, PC, Playstation, Nintendo, and more.

#6 They Have A Great Knowledge Of Gaming Tips & Tricks

Last but not least, A true gamer actually has a great knowledge of tricks and the winning techniques of gaming.

For this, they need to explore different video games and know better about their techniques.

If you are a true gamer, then you must have the answers to all of the questions related to gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Benefits To Being A Gamer?

Definitely Yes. Being a good gamer can open the doors to many opportunities. Like, you can participate in the gaming battles and win money from them. Other than that, your thinking ability, and problem-solving skill increases. You will also move forward to make a great career in the gaming world. 

How To Identify A Gamer Via Quiz?

There are many free online quizzes available on the internet to determine whether you are a gamer or not by asking you some of the questions. Go to Am I A Gamer Quiz Page. 


With this, we can say that Spotting a Gamer is not a difficult task. You just have a knowledge of some of the important signs, that should be in a good gamer.

We hope that this article will be really helpful for that and from now on you can spot a gamer on your own.

If you want to be a good gamer, then ensure that you have these above-mentioned highlighted qualities. 

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