Is DST Cross Platform?

Is DST Cross Platform? Know All About Don't Starve Together!

The “Don’t Starve Together” video game leaves gamers in the circumstances of a survivor who must wander and thrive in a brutal and ruthless wilderness setting. Do you and your companions possess the capacity to utilize different systems to learn about the world of this game together? Well, let’s check that out.

To live in a perilous, randomly created wilderness atmosphere of Don’t Starve Together, players must band with either friends or strangers. In order to survive, players must acquire equipment, construct a place of safety, and safeguard themselves against any number of hazardous animals and natural dangers.

Well, the not-so-great part of Don’t Starve Together is despite being made cross-platform tagged, the game has yet to incorporate cross-platform play in it which indicates to participants that they are in no possession of any method which lets them experience this game with pals of different systems.

However, there are still hordes of details about Don’t Starve Together that you might not want to miss. So, have a deep look at the article ahead too.

Is DST Cross Platform?

The names described below are all capable of handling Don’t Starve Together and hence rendering the game cross-platform:

1. Microsoft Windows (Via Steam)

2. Xbox One

3. PlayStation 5 (With Backward Compatibility)

4. Nintendo Switch

5. Xbox Series X|S (With Backward Compatibility)

6. PlayStation 4

7. macOS

8. Linux

Is Don’t Starve Together Crossplay?

Crossplay is not yet turned into a compatible component in Don’t Starve Together. What you can interpret from the above statement is, consoles (PlayStation and Xbox) and PCs (Windows, Linux, and macO) cannot have in-session interactions with each other. However, crossplay across PC systems (Windows, Linux, and macOS) can be attained as they all utilize the same storefront.

Does Don’t Starve Together Have Cross-Progression?

No, cross-progression or cross-save aspects of cross-platform are also not optimized for Don’t Starve Together. However, a function entitled “cross-unlocks” is what the game has in its pocket. Cross-unlocks aid players with the stuff (skins and cosmetics) they unlock on a certain system and can be migrated to other systems only if you have integrated your platform accounts into your Klei accounts.

Is Don’t Starve Together Local Co-Op?

Local co-op is implemented but only for the PS, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch editions of Don’t Starve Together. As for PC versions, rather than local co-op, another element termed “LAN Co-Op” is employed where two PCs can connect via LAN connection and thus enjoy the game jointly.

Is Don’t Starve Together Cross-Platform Between Xbox And PS4?

Sadly, both console families can run Don’t Starve Together but cannot achieve that in a single game session. This means that if you have a PS4 while your friends use an Xbox for gaming, you cannot play this amazing game together online.

Is Don’t Starve Together Cross-Platform Between Xbox And PC?

Unfortunately, Don’t Starve Together forbids Xbox consumers to engage with PC ones. So, if you own a PC for gaming while your friends have Xbox consoles, then you will not be able to enter the same gameplay together online and vice versa.

Is Don’t Starve Together Cross-Platform Between PS4 And PC?

No, PC and PS4 versions of Don’t Starve Together cannot accompany each other in games. In other words, if you have a PC while your friends own PS4, you cannot enjoy this game together online.

Wrapping Up

This is what is required to be understood regarding cross-platform play in Don’t Starve Together. If any doubts are still messing up in your mind, do tell us via the comments below.

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