Is For Honor Crossplay In 2023? The Latest Update Is Here!

Is For Honor Crossplay In 2023

The concentration on action-packed gameplay, which calls for quick reflexes, accuracy, and strategic thinking, is one of the major components of action games. As warriors from their chosen faction, players in For Honour engage in brutal one-on-one battles. However, can this game still be a good choice if you are planning to play it with friends having different platforms?

With a variety of moves, blocks, and dodges to master, For Honor’s fighting approach is distinctive and complex and places an emphasis on timing, positioning, and expertise. Honor’s multiplayer mode players to engage in online duels, brawls, and large-scale conflicts against other players, which is one of its most notable aspects.

Crossplay for For Honor was implemented in two phases by developers. The second phase renders the game completely crossplay functional. This means that you can definitely play the game with your friends even if you are using varying gaming platforms and devices.

There is still a lot to know about other functionalities that For Honor offers with it. Thus, continuing to read this guide is definitely going to be the wisest decision to be made by you.

Which Platforms Support For Honor?

1. Microsoft Windows

2. PlayStation 5 (Using Backward Compatibility)

3. PlayStation 4

4. Xbox One

5. Xbox Series X|S (Using Backward Compatibility)

Is For Honor Crossplay?

Crossplay capabilities exist for For Honor on various platforms. However, that was not always the case as the developers implemented crossplay in the game In two phases last year only. So, as of now, you are fortunate to have the full crossplay version of the game For Honor.

In other words, it doesn’t matter which device or platform you and your friends are using for gaming, as long as the game is available on the platforms, all of you will be able to play it together provided that you have enabled the crossplay feature in the game For Honor.

Does For Honor Support Cross-Progression?

Unfortunately, cross-progression is not permitted in For Honor. Each platform has a unique player account and independent progression system, which is neither connected nor shared.

You would have to create a new account from scratch and play For Honor from scratch if you wanted to migrate between platforms or play on another platform.

Cross-save is feasible when transferring from an older to a newer console generation, though.

Is For Honor Split-Screen?

Split-screen is not a viable choice in For Honour. Despite the single-player campaign in the game, split-screen or local co-op play is not implemented. Connecting online and engaging in the game’s multiplayer modes will be necessary for those who want to play For Honour with others.

Thus, you and your friends are not allowed to play the game For Honor together on the same screen using the same gaming device/platform while sitting beside each other in the same room.

The only option that you are provided is to play the game together in the online mode where each of you is required to have their own gaming device.


Is For Honor Crossplay Between PC And Xbox?

Yes, crossplay between PC and Xbox systems is included in For Honor. This means that if you own a PC while your friends are using Xbox consoles, be it an Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or Xbox Series S, all of you can easily play the game For Honor together, and vice versa.

Is For Honor Crossplay Between Xbox And PS4?

Both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S can crossplay with PS4 in For Honor. So, even if you and your friends own gaming consoles from two rival giant gaming console manufacturing companies, Microsoft and Sony, you will still be able to play together if the game you are playing is For Honor.

Is For Honor Crossplay Enabled With Friends?

However, crossplay with friends was not available during the first phase. It is indeed included during the second phase of implementation of the feature in For Honor. So, presently, you can say that yes, the crossplay mode in For Honor is enabled with friends.

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, For Honor can give you a fun pass time if the inaccessibility of cross-progression is not a big concern for you. This was all that needed to be known about the crossplay functionality of For Honor. If there is any other amazing game you and your friends have on your minds that you want to be sure about before purchasing, let us know in the comments and we shall provide you with all the information you are looking for.

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