Is Granblue Fantasy Versus Crossplay

Granblue Fantasy Versus Crossplay

Role Playing video games are amazing and if played with friends, gives extraordinary gaming experience. Granblue Fantasy Versus is among such games but does it support crossplay? Let’s take a look.

Is Granblue Fantasy Versus Crossplay?

The Granblue Fantasy Versus doesn’t support crossplay. Most people get confused with the “Versus” and “Rising” edition. The latest version is Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising and this new version enables players to crossplay between the PC, PS4, and PS5 versions. 

But as far as only the “Versus” series is concerned, it does not have crossplay or cross platform. Though the game can be played multiplayer and it too has co-op.

More About Granblue Fantasy Versus

The RPG mode in this game offers a unique and driven gameplay experience that makes players engaged. As a fighting game, it also has mechanics like punish openings and opponents movement that let you make use of your skills in the match. Game Informer gave Granblue Fantasy Versus an 8/10 score, praising its fast-paced combat system and innovative new mechanics.

The “Versus” is the sequel to the popular role playing Granblue Fantasy game. It takes the fantasy universe of Granblue and drops it into a fighting game format. Players can explore RPGs and a brand new story mode that features various new characters.

It also has several playable characters from the original game. The game is powered by Arc System Works’ engine, which provides a great level of detail and visual quality for players to enjoy.

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