is guild wars 2 worth playing 2023

is guild wars 2 worth playing 2023

Do you know what is the difficult part of being a gamer? To choose the best online game that can make their gaming experience more memorable.

If you are confused about whether to play Guild Wars 2 or not. Then, we think our guide, Is Guild Wars 2 Worth Playing in 2023 helps you a lot to make a better decision.

Guild Wars 2 is an MMORPG whose entire gaming setup is of Tyria. It was launched in 2012 and a certain amount of drawbacks were seen in its gameplay. Let’s find out, What improvements have come in its gameplay now in 2023?

Yes, Guild Wars 2 or GW2 is a worth-playing game of 2023. For detailed explanations, let’s read this entire article.

Guild Wars 2 Gameplay

Its gameplay starts in Tyria and is filled with characters like dragons, monsters, and magic. The player creates a customized character and controls it throughout the game.

The player will then move forward to the story of the game with their character and start to battle with other players and monsters to win the tasks.

The important part of its gameplay is to win the quests and defeat the enemies. Apart from that, you can do other activities like creating items, fishing, racing mountains, and exploring the dungeons.

You can play this game in a PVP mode against your friends and get a real-time MMO combat experience with it.

Its gameplay is unique and exciting. If you have not tried this game yet, then you will surely try this out.

Is Guild Wars 2 Worth Playing 2023?

If you are still thinking that Guild Wars 2 should be played or not in 2023, then, we must tell you that. Yes, Guild Wars 2 will be a worth playing game in 2023.

As we explore this game in so many aspects it is proved to be the best in every aspect. Do you wanna know some of the best features of Guild Wars 2? Take a look at the below-mentioned features or aspects of Guild Wars 2 and then make a decision.


The graphics of Guild Wars 2 are designed in a way that everyone will surely like them. Some parts of the gaming graphics are just stunning.

The quality of the graphics is so high that you will feel that you are actually present in the dense forest of Tyria. So, there is no doubt of any kind about the graphics of this game.

In terms of graphics, Guild Wars 2 is 10 on 10.


If we talk about its weapons, then Guild Wars 2 shows exactly those weapons that can enhance your skills, which can be explained to you before the game starts.

You will need to obtain the Ascended and Legendary gears or weapons for this game. These are some of the deadliest weapons of GW2 and will help you in winning the battles against the other player or creature.


Sound is another important aspect of online gaming. Well!! Not only graphics, but the presence of high-quality sound effects is also important in every gaming world.

A great sound system is available for the GW2 or we can say that no other game can beat the Guild Wars 2 in terms of sound. You will get to hear a perfect sound for each and every gaming element.


Now everyone will know this, PVP is one of the basic aspects of every online gaming. Guild Wars 2 has PVP mode, from which you can be able to go against your friends for the battle.

You will get two different types of PVP battles for GW2- Arena/Battleground PVP and World Versus World PVP. Both the PVPs are unique in their own way.


Another important aspect of gaming (PVE) is also present in Guild Wars 2. With this, you can enjoy the best solo experience game.

Playing this game solo is also very interesting. As this game contains a large number of wild and large creatures, and battling with them is a different level of fun.


When it comes to the MMO game, then it’s better to have more players. When we talk about GW2, the Steam Chart shows that you have almost 5,000 players in GW2, which is quite less.

However, according to the MMOPopulation, they estimate that currently, GW2 has almost 500K active players.


Is Guild Wars 2 Fun? Yes. Last but not least, the fun element should not be missing in any game. Like obviously, you must have experienced fun while playing Guild Wars 2.

And, in terms of fun, you can blindly trust us and go for this game. As this, the game is full of fun, adventure, and exciting experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Guild Wars 2 Free-To-Play?

Yes, GW2 is a free-to-play game. Once you buy that game, you can then play this game absolutely free forever.

Is Guild Wars 2 Pay-To-Win?

No, this is not Pay-To-Win game. You are allowed to earn the rewards from this game by winning or completing the tasks. You can then use those rewards to buy certain items for the game.

Is GW2 Still Popular 2023?

Yes, as of 2012, Guild Wars 2 does not lose its player base and it is one of the most popular games of 2023.


Well!! We hope that with this article, you will get to know that playing Guild Wars 2 is not a waste of time. It’s really a worth-playing game that you can play in 2023.

So, what makes you stop? Go and give this game a try. Don’t forget to share your gaming experience with us.

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