Is NBA 2K Cross Platform?

Is NBA 2K Cross Platform?

Basketball sports simulation video games offer an authentic atmosphere that lets users manage fictitious basketball teams or athletes and contend against internet opponents or computer-controlled rivals. NBA 2K is a widely acknowledged basketball simulation game series that has grown to be among the most played and highly regarded basketball video game series. But do any NBA 2K games exist that are designed to be enjoyed with friends across multiple platforms? What NBA 2K games support crossplay and which ones do not? NBA 2k has a range of games available and we have reviewed every game’s crossplay functionality in this article, let’s get started. 

NBA 2K titles are renowned for having lifelike visuals, engaging gameplay, and meticulous recreation of the game of basketball. They include precise player and team information, real NBA teams, players, and venues, in addition to genuine commentary, audio effects, and presentational components that produce an engaging basketball experience. Basketball activities including dribbling, rebounding, shooting, passing, and defending are all a component of the gameplay in NBA 2K games, which also have player movements and precise physics-based mechanics.

Since NBA 2K is not a single game, it is difficult to define every installment’s compatibility in one statement. And that’s why we have provided brief information for you ahead in this guide.

If you are keen to learn about a specific installment of NBA 2K, keep reading as we got them covered and it can seriously affect your thoughts on the game.

Which Platforms Support NBA 2K?

NBA 2K, being a renowned franchise, is accessible on most commonly used systems and thus established itself as a cross-platform title. The supported hardware, however, are:

1. Microsoft Windows (NBA 2K23, NBA 2K22, NBA 2K21 and NBA 2K20)

2. PlayStation 4 (NBA 2K23, NBA 2K22, NBA 2K21 and NBA 2K20)

3. Android (NBA 2K20 only)

4. Xbox One (NBA 2K23, NBA 2K22, NBA 2K21 and NBA 2K20)

5. macOS (NBA 2K21 only)

6. PlayStation 5 (NBA 2K23, NBA 2K22, NBA 2K21 and NBA 2K20)

7. Xbox Series X|S (NBA 2K23, NBA 2K22, NBA 2K21 and NBA 2K20)

8. iOS (NBA 2K20 only)

9. Apple Arcade (NBA 2K23, NBA 2K22, NBA 2K21)

10. Nintendo Switch (NBA 2K23, NBA 2K22, NBA 2K21 and NBA 2K20)

Is NBA 2K Cross Platform?

So, let’s discuss some of the famous NBA 2K games’ cross-platform functionalities.

Is NBA 2K20 Cross Platform?

Sadly, playing across platforms is forbidden by NBA 2K20. NBA 2K20 is often not developed to promote multiplayer gameplay among players of various gaming systems. Platform-specific games, like NBA 2K20, limit gamers to playing with those who employ the same gaming system as them. Furthermore, the game forbids any form of cross-saving.

Is NBA 2K21 Cross Platform?

Yes, to a certain extent, NBA 2K21 offers cross-platform play. NBA 2K21 features cross-generational multiplayer that enables PS4 and PS5 players to play alongside each other in the same game. Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players can also play together, but only if they are using the exact same edition of the game. In NBA 2K21, cross-platform play and cross-progression compatibility function in the same ways.

Is NBA 2K22 Cross Platform?

Just like the previous installment 2K21, NBA 2K22 was not designed with the intention of cross-platform play. Although, cross-gen play is completely functional in the game. To put simply, PS4 and PS5 can interact with or against one another in a match and Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players can perform the same too. For the cross-progression system, just like crossplay, PS4 to PS5 and Xbox 

One to Xbox Series X|S migration of MyTEAM mode is permitted in the title.

Is NBA 2K23 Cross Platform?

Like previous NBA 2K games, cross-platform play is also inaccessible in NBA 2K23. But unlike those titles, NBA 2K23 has not included cross-gen play either, leaving every nuance of crossplay functionality to dust. On the other hand, NBA 2K23 also has cross-saving of MyTEAM and a Linked VC Wallet within the same system family (from PlayStation4 to PlayStation®5 and Xbox One to Xbox Series X|S). Any achieved or bought VC is transferable across console generations under the same manufacturer via the Shared VC Wallet. Similar to this, MyTEAM Cross-Progression facilitates the interchange of all MyTEAM Points, Tokens, cards, and progress between the two versions of NBA 2K23 on consoles from the same generation. 

Wrapping Up

Under any circumstances, you and the person you want to enjoy the game must be under the same manufacturer family, at least. If you and your pals are coming from completely distinct platforms, the game can’t supply you with the fun you were looking for. And with this, we hope we comprised everything you were willing to know about your favorite NBA 2K title. But, if we still left confusion in your mind, do drop a comment about the same and we’ll be more than happy to assist.

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