Is SMITE Crossplay? Let’s Find Out!

Is SMITE Crossplay

Take part in an enormous world of cooperation and planning! You may experience exhilarating combat with opponents from every corner of the planet while seeing the gods at work in SMITE. In these fights, you may collaborate with friends or seek fresh partners. Playing battle arena games with pals is always fun. How about you?

Engage in difficult team-based games with friends or find new partners as you immerse yourself in a world of ancient tales and epic conflicts. Fans of multiplayer combat arena games should definitely try out SMITE because of its captivating graphics, exciting gameplay, and passionate community!

Hi-Rez Studios provided the crossplay functionality in all the games they have developed and SMITE is no exception in this case. It can imply that all the platforms running SMITE can crossplay in the game too.

Besides this little information, a lot can be learned about SMITE from this article, which can make your overall gaming experience in SMITE much more enjoyable. Well, let’s get started then.

Which Platforms Support SMITE?

Hi-Rez Studios developed and brought out the open-to-everyone third-person multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game SMITE. SMITE is accessible by employing a majority of systems:

1. Microsoft Windows

2. PlayStation 4

3. PlayStation 5

4. Xbox One

5. Nintendo Switch

Is SMITE Crossplay?

Yes. Crossplay wasn’t accessible on all platforms, though, and it wasn’t always the case. However, SMITE currently offers crossplay between several platforms. This implies that irrespective of the platform they’re utilizing, people from various platforms can participate in the same matches and compete against one another.

In SMITE, crossplay provides the ability to link people with friends and take part in a communal encounter without regard to what device they prefer to play on. This boosts diversity and expands the player base for an increasingly lively and enjoyable gaming community.

Does SMITE Support Cross-Progression?

Yes, SMITE additionally caters for cross-progression, only between PC, Xbox, and Switch, enabling users to migrate their in-game progress—including gods, skins, gear, and other customizability options—across multiple gaming platforms.

For instance, you won’t have to start over if you’ve already unlocked particular deities or outfits on one platform because you may use them on another supported platform or device. 

Data sync between platforms can only be enabled after interlinking your Hi-Rez and platform accounts.

Does SMITE Support Cross-Progression On PS4?

No, it is best to keep in mind that only the Xbox, PC, and Switch versions of the game support cross-progression or cross-saving. The data for SMITE cannot be imported into or exported from PlayStation (versions 4 and 5).

Is SMITE Local Co-Op?

No, the local cooperative (co-op) mode is not present in SMITE. Player versus Player (PvP) combat is the main feature of SMITE, an online multiplayer game with a number of different game modes, including Conquest, Arena, Joust, Assault, and more.

SMITE needs an internet connection to connect with other players online and battle among them in a team-based environment.

Is SMITE Split-Screen?

No, an embedded split-screen function that enables multiplayer gaming on the same console or device with multiple individuals utilizing the same display is not available in SMITE.

However, via connections to the game servers from various consoles or devices, players can still join parties and compete as a coordinated team in online games.


Is SMITE Crossplay Between PS4 And PC?

The PlayStation 4 (PS4) and PC players can function together in SMITE. In the same matches, PS4 and PC players can play alongside and against one another.

Is SMITE Crossplay Between Xbox And PC?

Yes, crossplay across Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC is authorized by SMITE. This implies that in the same SMITE online multiplayer session, Xbox users can join forces with PC players or engage them head-on.

Is SMITE Crossplay Between PS4 And Xbox?

Certainly, since the crossplay option is available to all platforms, including PS, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, gamers on PS4 and Xbox can take part in the same matches.

How To Enable Crossplay In SMITE?

Crossplay is turned on by default in SMITE across all platforms. As a result, users can instantly connect to and play with users of other platforms.

Wrapping Up

This is all that needs to be concluded about SMITE and all this will surely help you to decide whether SMITE is for you or not. We would much welcome any recommendations. So, do let us know if you have any.

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