Is World Of Warships Cross Platform?

Is World Of Warships Cross Platform? Here's All You Need To Know!

The multiplayer game “World of Warships” with a navy combat premise simulates rivalries amongst many distinct varieties of vessels operating on the ocean’s surface. However, is it achievable to enjoy this game with pals across different platforms? We have the answer below, so have no concerns if you are unsure. Just read further.

In World of Warships, participants take leadership of a number of historical battleships from multiple nations while participating in hard-fought battles with other players or artificial intelligence-controlled foes. Four distinct vessel classes are on hand for players to select from.

Well, crossplay for World of Warships is a functional aspect in some variants and a non-functional component in others. Moreover, out of all the functional versions, some come with full accessibility while delivering only a partial level of inter-system playability.

Other than that, what can be handled or what is just left in the dirt by World of Warships? Well, all of that got a brief step-by-step overview of the answers followed by the common queries people have right ahead. So, follow along.

Is World Of Warships Cross Platform?

World of Warships goes by many different titles for different pieces of hardware which are:

1. Microsoft Windows (Via Microsoft Store, Steam, and Epic Games Store)

2. Xbox Series X|S (WoW: Legends)

3. Android (WoW: Blitz)

4. PlayStation 4 (WoW: Legends)

5. iOS (WoW: Blitz)

6. Xbox One (WoW: Legends)

7. PlayStation 5 (WoW: Legends)

Is World Of Warships Crossplay?

Crossplay in accordance with every edition of World of Worships is discussed below:

1. World of Warships (PC): The Steam client’s servers of WoW permits gameplay with Steam users only whereas Microsoft Store and Epic Games Store’s versions sharing the same servers can interact with one another.

2. World of Warships: Legends (Consoles): Both Xbox and PlayStation consoles comprising both recent generations of them are labeled as crossplay certified with one another in WoW: Legends.

3. World of Warships: Blitz (Mobiles): Android and iOS’ WoW: Blitz has functional crossplay with one another too.

It should be noted that neither of the three editions can crossplay with one another.

Does World Of Warships Have Cross-Progression?

The same cross-play situation is implied in cross-progression also where the Epic and Microsoft Store (PC) variants can crossplay but not Steam. WoW: Legends does not prohibit crossplay in it and further WoW: Blitz doesn’t fail to deploy crossplay either.

Is World Of Warships Offline?

Sadly, World of Worships serves as an MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) which strips out every nuance of offline play from it. This means that if you want to play this game, you can do so only with a group of players and not all alone because that’s not how it works.

Is World Of Warships Cross-Platform With PC?

Except for Steam, all PC storefront versions of World of Warships can crossplay with each other only.

Is World Of Warships Cross-Platform With Mobile?

Both Android and iOS ecosystems can collectively enjoy WoW: Blitz. Thus, no matter you and your friends own an Android or an iOS, you will be able to enjoy the gameplay of this amazing Massively Multiplayer Online game together.

Is World Of Warships Cross-Platform With Xbox?

The Xbox version of WoW: Legends can handle crossplay within different generations and with PS systems too. So, if you have an Xbox console while your friends are using PlayStations, you will still be able to play the game together without any troubles provided that you have enabled the crossplay mode on your devices.

Is World Of Warships Cross-Platform With PlayStation?

Just as Xbox, PS4, and PS5 can crossplay WoW: Legends with one another or with Xbox systems.

Wrapping Up

And that is it on the crossplay of World of Warships. We hope we were able to deliver that efficiently. If you still got something that you think we haven’t covered, be sure to drop that in the box below.

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