Is WWE 2K22 Cross Platform/ Cross Play?

Is WWE 2K22 Cross Play

Just like you play WWE in real life with your friends for fun, you can also enjoy the same in a virtual mode with the help of the game WWE 2K22. So, are you interested in playing this game with your buddies? Then go ahead, but, first, make sure that the game supports cross-platform play for your devices.

WWE 2K22 is a professional wrestling video game that has been developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports. The game features a roster of current WWE Superstars, legends, and Hall of Famers, including Roman Reigns, Becky Lynch, The Rock, and Edge. It comes with better collision detection and more realistic animations.

However, the sad part is that this game WWE 2K22 does not support cross platform play which means that you will not be able to play it with your friends if you all are using different platforms for gaming.

Keep reading if you want to find further information related to WWE 2K22 and its cross platform mode availability along with other necessary features.

Is WWE 2K22 Cross Platform?

Unfortunately, as of right now, the game WWE 2K22 does not support cross platform features. And there is still not any announcement made by the developers as to whether the crossplay mode shall be added to this game in the future. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t be included, you can only hope for the best.  

While there are many benefits to cross-platform play, there are also some challenges that developers must overcome to implement the feature. For example, different platforms may have different technical requirements that must be met in order to enable cross-platform play.

Additionally, cross-platform play can make it more difficult to maintain a level playing field, as players on different platforms may have different levels of performance or input lag.

Is WWE 2K22 Crossplay In 2023?

Unfortunately, WWE 2K22 is currently not cross-platform compatible, which is a shame. On the contrary, the game has another modern and innovative characteristic that, while similar to cross-platform in certain norms, is distinct in others. That is cross-generational play.

Which Platforms Support WWE 2K22? 

Currently, the game WWE 2K22 has been released on several platforms from different manufacturing companies which are mentioned below. 

1. PlayStation 4 

2. PlayStation 5

3. Windows PC

4. Xbox One 

5. Xbox Series X

6. Xbox Series S

This means that whoever owns one of these platforms will easily be able to play the game WWE 2K22 right after purchasing the game.

What Is Cross Platform Community Creations Sharing In WWE 2K22?

In WWE 2K22’s Community Creations feature, players can build custom wrestlers, venues, and titles that can be shared and accessed by others. Cross-Platform Community Creations sharing allows players to gain access and distribute user-generated material across various platforms.

This suggests that irrespective of the platform they select for playing on, gamers can produce and distribute their personal distinctive content to the broader WWE 2K22 community.

Additionally, it makes it possible for users to access a greater range of user-generated content via other users across different platforms, thereby broadening the range and creativeness of the game’s content overall.

Is Cross-Gen Support Enabled In WWE 2K22?

Being capable to play multiplayer video games on different generations of gaming consoles is a strength that comes with the fantastic cross-generation play option.

Cross-generation play, for instance, would permit gamers to play against or alongside one another in the same online session if a game was released on both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

As new console generations are introduced, this capability is becoming more and more crucial because it enables users with previous console generations to enjoy games with their friends who have more recent consoles.

As mentioned above, the game does have cross-gen support but this amazing feature comes with a catch which is crucial to know. It is that you need to have the version of the game which is compatible with the older hardware on the current generation console to play it with someone having it on the older generation of that console.

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Can An Xbox Player Play WWE 2K22 With PlayStation?

No, if you have an Xbox and want to play the game WWE 2K22 with your friend who owns a PlayStation, you will not at all be able to do so. 

Does WWE 2K22 Support Cross Progression?

Yes, you will be glad to know that WWE 2K22 does support cross progression but only within respective console families. This means that a PS4 user can pass the progress of WWE 2K22 to a PS5.

In the same manner, the progress of WWE 2K22 played on an Xbox One can be transferred to Xbox Series X/S. However, a PS4 player cannot continue playing the game on an Xbox from where he/she left off on a PS4 and vice versa. 

Moreover, remember that while the progress of the game can be transferred from one generation to another, this is not applicable to DLC. Thus, the DLC items of WWE 2K22 will not be carried over from one console to another. 

Wrapping Up 

We hope that this has been helpful to you to understand the compatibility of the game WWE 2K22 on different platforms as well as across the platforms. Now, it would be much easier for you and your friends to decide if you should get this game depending upon which platforms you all are using to play the game. 

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