Is Netflix’s 1899 Connected to ‘Dark’?

Is Netflix's 1899 Connected to 'Dark'?

Few television shows have made an impression as lasting and mysterious as Netflix’s “Dark.” Its sophisticated storyline, complicated time-bending elements, and captivating characters enthralled audiences worldwide.

Now, viewers are left wondering whether there is a connection between these two intriguing shows as Netflix releases its newest production, “1899,” a historical drama with an air of mystery and intrigue.

“1899” has sparked a flurry of anticipation because it holds the potential to reveal hidden mysteries and delve deep into human nature. In our search for the truth, we set out to solve the puzzles that might connect these two stories, which at first glance seem unrelated, and to determine whether “1899” is related to the complex web of “Dark.”

1899 and Dark – Two Netflix Shows to Binge-Watch Today

Netflix premiered its show Dark in 2017, produced by Janjte Friese and Baran bo Odar. A few years later, Netflix surprised its viewers with another show, 1899, in 2022, which people have started to guess is related to the former (Dark).

There are many similarities that viewers could figure out after watching both series, one of them being a storyline that talks about the past. What surprises viewers the most is how both shows have scenes and shots taken at some surprising locations (it is highly unlikely for two TV shows to have so many similarities).

But are they really connected? It is a bigger question that most of us are searching online just after watching the first episode of 1899. So, let’s figure it out.

Dark – The Mysterious Series on Netflix

So, what is so special about Dark that intrigued audiences so much that Netflix had three seasons for it? Despite the OTT channel being famous for brilliant content, including thrillers, audiences have not stopped praising Dark.

Let’s look at its plot – The series is based on a fictional town in Germany where kids are missing. What started with the disappearance of children eventually led to the unfolding of the hidden pasts and sinful secrets of four families involved in searching for the kids.

If you assume it’s just another horror TV program, you’re in for a surprise. When you believe you can predict the next move, a fresh twist occurs, changing the entire dynamic of the plot.

Somehow, the producers do not want to end the mystery here. The twists and tales continue as the story moves its direction into time travel as well (all science lovers will enjoy this part). Elements like these have kept the audience glued till season 3, and believe us; every season is way different from the other.

1899 – Continuing the Saga or Is It Something Different?

So, now comes the main question – is it the continuation of what started in 2017 or not? Let’s look at what 1899 is first. After all, it was also created by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar ( the same people who created “Dark”).

1899 is a story about immigrant travelers who are traveling on a steamship to New York from London. On their way to New York, they are caught in a mysterious riddle when they find there is a second vessel adrift in the open sea.

The series is also a multilingual German time-based show (one of the reasons why people started to compare). The show received a lot of accolades, and some even proclaimed it to be the best they had ever seen. However, a second season announcement has not yet been made.

One thing that kept audiences watching this amazing series was Daniel Solace, a passenger that everyone wanted to know more about. Moreover, the show took a different turn when it almost reached the end when mysteries unfolded.

Now, people are eagerly waiting to know what happened to the ship that went missing just a few months after it sailed towards its long journey towards New York. Moreover, audiences are also interested in knowing whether the immigrants will eventually make it to NYC or will be lost in the wonders of the sea forever.

Dark and 1899 – The Popularity Game

There is no denying that both shows have received immense love from their audiences. For instance, Dark has never left his audience feeling bored; in fact, every episode and season offered a fresh perspective to its viewers.

Like in season 3 of Dark, the story moves to the apocalypse of 2020, which again ignited the interest of its viewers. It is a well-liked series with a 94% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes (if you know how important this score is for a series).

Coming to 1899, the eight-episode season brought a new type of drama to the unusual rom-com on the OTT. The show may not have a rotten tomato audience score as Dark, but it had a decent 76%.

Now, whether the show returns with the same characters or introduces some new and bright faces, it is eagerly awaited by the audiences.

The Big Question – Netflix 1899 and Dark Connection?

To be honest, people made this speculation about their interconnection only because they both appeared in the past (majorly), and they are made by the same team (not a valid reason, though).

But if you have watched the two, you would know there are a lot more differences than similarities. They are two different stories, told in two different manners and contexts. Dark is about missing kids from a small town in Germany, whereas 1899 is about the ship missing en route to New York.

The plot may be similar (the missing element), but Dark is considered to be a complex series that many have thought to have difficulty understanding. On the other hand, 1899 was a simple and easy-to-understand story lineup.One common thing between them (apart from the makers) is that they are the best sci-fi to watch on OTT today.

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