Pokémon GO Players Seek Solution To Zygarde Special Research Problem

Pokémon GO Players Seek Solution To Zygarde Special Research Problem

Pokemon Go – All About the Game

Since its release in 2016, Pokemon Go has captured the hearts of millions of players. The game is a part of the Pokemon series, which Niantic created in collaboration with Nintendo and The Pokemon Company.

Pokemon Go has received many awards, such as The Game Award for Best Family Game and many more, introduced – Zygarde’s special research a few weeks back. A difficult task that individuals are having trouble finishing.

The inability to fulfill this task has become a hot topic in the Pokemon community, and people are growing angry about it. These people are either ignorant of the standards or reside in sparsely inhabited areas.

Zygarde Pokemon Go Special Research

Pokemon Go introduced a feature for users to choose their routes on July 20th. Besides choosing, players can also allow others to follow the route, capture new Pokemon, and earn rewards.

The following day, Legendary Pokemon Zygarde appeared in conjunction with the “Blaze New Trails” event, which also saw a spike in the frequency of appearances for Pokemon like Yungoos, Growlithe, and Ponyta.

By traveling and making Routes, Pokemon GO users can catch shiny Pokemon and earn more Buddy Candy. Additionally, the Zygarde Special Research offers extra rewards and Zygarde Cells.

However, introducing Routes has caused some controversy since many players have run with glitches and problems that completely block progress.

What is the Challenge in Pokemon Go – Zygarde Special Route?

The new feature “From A to Zygarde” was recently introduced to the public. The first three routes were quite easy, where users were just asked to create five great throws, complete quick tasks, and collect ten Pokemon. But things change as soon as users reach level four.

When the users reach the fourth step in Zygarde, they are required to follow three routes. In addition, they also need to catch 20 Pokemon on those three routes. On these routes, the users have to search for a Zygarde cell, which is becoming difficult for them to find.

One of the challenges people are facing is the scarcity of routes that are unavailable to them to follow. It results in people getting frustrated and wanting more routes to be created.

Pokemon Go Zygarde Special Research Route Problem

Many users commented on the Pokemon Go community and other online mediums about how they are finding it difficult to search those three routes and collect 20 Pokemon. There are only a couple of players who are able to create those routes, whereas for others, it is a challenge.

On the other hand, many stated they cannot create these routes because of the place they are staying at (their location). Such issues are making people give up on the challenge completely and lose interest in the game. However, you must know that you won’t be getting new research if your item bag is full.

If this route problem was not enough, users cannot find Zygarde cell, a four-point green sparkle to be searched on the ground while walking on that route. People have commented to walk on these routes for as many as 11 times before finding the cell.

Tricks and Solutions – Pokemon Go Zygarde Special Research Route

Since it is still a very new feature that has been added to Pokemon Go, players should wait till things get streamlined or the company announces a solution. In the time being, you can try to restart the app to at least solve the issue of finding Zygarde cells, which one user has claimed to work for him (though it may not be a sure-shot solution every time). This is the only guide for Zygarde Special Research Route.

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