7 Ugly One Piece Characters – From Bad to Worse!

7 Ugly One Piece Characters - Awful:(:

Eiichiro Oda made One Piece on July 22, 1997. The characters from the series have been in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, which was created by Oda.

The plot centers on Monkey D. Luffy and the exploits of the Straw Hat Pirates, his band of companions. In this well-known series, Luffy is shown swashbuckling the reigning pirate king by scouring the Grand Line to search for the famous treasure – One Piece.

The story was later adapted for a television series and began broadcasting in 1999. Many merchandise, video games, and card games have been developed on this fictional “One Piece.”

One Piece has been acclaimed for its wonderful story-telling, art, world-building, humor, and especially characterization. Some of them became very popular for their looks and appearances, while others claimed the title of being the ugliest.

Let’s look at some of them and know more about their appearance and in-series character.

All Time Ugliest Characters of One Piece

Here are some characters termed ugliest, making it difficult for viewers to watch them on-screen. Now, whether they were made as a mistake or deliberately designed for the series is something that the makers would know better.

Charlotte Lola

Charlotte Lola - ugly one piece characters female

Charlotte Lola is among the ugly one-piece characters female list. If you have seen or read “One Piece,” you probably remember Big Mom and Charlotte Lola as her daughter. Charlotte has a lot of design flaws, and in this series, she is seen sailing the high seas.

One odd thing in her looks is her eyes, which are way too small compared to her overall face. She has been given a bulbous nose and big cartoon lips, making her the ugliest character of One Piece.

In addition, her outfits are also criticized, just like her appearance. She is seen proposing to every other man wearing a tomato red dress with contrasting yellow. It shows her with a poor dressing sense. But if we choose to overrule her appearance, she is one of the strong personalities and a fighter on the show.


Morley - the weirdest looking One Piece character

On our second list, we have Morley as the weirdest-looking One Piece character. Who would have thought a revolutionary could look like Morley? Yeah, even you are laughing reading this. Can anyone ever imagine a revolutionary dressed up in an ill-fitted skirt and bare appearance? Well, that is Morley for you.

His appearance has made a lot of viewers and, in fact, readers as well a little uncomfortable. And if the outfits were not enough, his face is considered as one of the ugliest on the show.

We wonder whether he was made to look like this, but the tiny goggles on his long face are no match. It does not look great depicting a revolutionary for sure. But one thing is certain: he will never dirty his clothes since he never wears them.

Saint Charloss

Saint Charloss

Alright, so there are two types of ugliness – one that can be seen from the outside and the other from the inside. The next character, Saint Charloss, is a totally ugly character inside out. He is no less than a horror to look and feel at.

He is a disgusting-looking character in appearance who is seen wearing a sad green-colored cloak with an ivory robe. And to make it even uglier, he has been given badges to wear on that robe, which, of course, he didn’t earn.

And of course, we can’t miss his lips, which look no less than a fish (yeah, you don’t believe it, do a close-up of his picture), a big snot running from his nose, and an irritating air bubble that wears to avoid being in contact with typical people (who does it).

In a simple description, he is a rich, spoiled brat who has probably never worked or seen struggle in his life and now is living a luxurious and non-deserving life.



Shinobu is a ninja in this amazing story, but you can’t say that if you look at her. She is probably called ugly because her character and appearance are nowhere near a match. If you hear the word “Ninja,” you would want to see a strong personality wearing clothes that do not expose them easily in public.

But Shinobu’s character is just the opposite. She is not athletic, as ninjas should be, and wears clothes that can make her easily spot in the crowd of Wano. And if that was not enough, her large head is yet another unappealing feature of her appearance. 



Our next ugly character is one of the first characters in the One Piece animation series and the Mayor of Orange Town – Boodle. He may not have an ugly appearance like others, but what puts him on this list is trying to be extra quirky when he is definitely not.

Moreover, his clunky and weird-looking wooden battle armor doesn’t look great with his checkered shirt. He is also shown as an ill-mannered character who probably is trying to live two characters but has failed in both. And to be honest, he is not a character who is loved or enjoyed by a lot.

Gecko Moria


By the looks of his appearance, Gecko can never be taken seriously, period. His character has been given a bowling pin body with huge yellow pantaloons that create a not-so-charming look and appearance to his gothic character.

He is a villain in the show, who is seen wearing a clown-sized shoe, just opposite of his character. And you cannot miss his ruffle cravat for sure, which is very refined compared to his overall look. 

Mr. 9

Mr. 9

Characterized as an infiltrator of the Baroque Works agency and, Princess Vivi’s retainer is our beloved and ugliest Mr. 9. He has been shown as a spy in the animated series. Still, he is so committed to showing his identity that he has “9” written twice on his face.

If you start to consider his appearance, he does not look like a spy or nobility; in fact, he is more like a children’s toy. In addition, his green-colored outfit is also not beautiful and appealing.

So, if you want to consider his appearance and especially the “9” written on his face, he is definitely on the charts of the ugliest One Piece characters.


These are only a few of the numerous ugly characters in One Piece, as you can see from the list above. There are many more, and individuals frequently refer to them as such depending on their preferences and likes as well as, of course, how they seem in general.

But it definitely does not mean the animated series or the book is not worth a try. Go ahead and enjoy the world-famous Japanese comic series. After all, it is a comic because of its imaginative characters.

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