Why does my AliExpress payment keep failing?

Why does my AliExpress payment keep failing?

You must have shopped something from AliExpress as it is one of the most affordable online shopping stores that offers all the basic products at cheaper rates.

But while shopping on AliExpress, many customers are facing Payment Failed Error Code Messages, which will restrict them from making payments on AliExpress.

Do you also experience the same issue? If Yes, then here we got you covered with its solution of fixes. Make sure you stay at this article, up to the end.

Your Payment Failure issue occurs due to multiple reasons- either the issue is related to your payment card or the AliExpress Platform. Let’s indulge more in this topic and provide you with the best fixes for it.

What Are The Possible Causes For AliExpress Payment Failed?

These are some of the possible reasons why your AliExpress Payment is failing.

  1. The AliExpress System is busy or the Website has some technical fault or bug. In that case, you will get the following Error Code Message- Reason: System Failure Suggestion
  1. If you are using any kind of VPN on your browser can also lead to AliExpress Payment Failure
  1. If your Shipping and Billing Address is different
  1. Using that Payment Method which is not available for AliExpress Payments

How To Fix AliExpress Payment Failed?

There are multiple reasons why your Payment fails on AliExpress. That’s why every person gets a different error code during Payment Failure. 

Let’s understand, What are the different types of Error Codes for AliExpress Payment Failure and how can you resolve them. 

AliExpress Payment Failed CSC_7200011

When you get this Error Code while making the payment, it means that your Credit or Debit Card, from which you are making the payment has not enough amount of money that is required for making the payment.

How To Fix: You can contact your Bank for exceeding the limit of your Credit or Debit Card. Or you can try to make the payment with a different Card.

AliExpress Payment Failed CSC_7200015

This Error Code means that your payment is rejected by your Bank or Card issuer. Your card payment is declined by your bank if they find some suspicious or fraudulent activity on your account. 

If your Bank Account that is linked to your card is blocked, then the bank will also cancel all of your payments made by that card. 

How To Fix: You need to Contact your Bank Branch or Card Issuer and resolve your issue. 

AliExpress Payment Failed CSC_7200022, CSC_7200051, And CSC_7200001

If you get any one of these error code messages, then it means that AliExpress has some issue with your card. The issue can occur due to any of the following reasons- 

  1. Your card currency is not supported by AliExpress
  1. You enter the wrong card or account information
  1. The card is not supported by AliExpress (e.g. Verve Card)

How To Fix CSC_7200022: Make sure that you enter the correct card information. Double-check the details before making payment. If the still issue happens, try to make payment with another Master or Visa card. Do not use a Verve Card. 

How To Fix CSC_7200051: For this, you need to verify your Visa Card. Contact your Bank Branch Team and ask them to verify your card. They will then ask you some questions and after some hours you will be able to use your Card on AliExpress. 

How To Fix CSC_7200001: Change your currency according to AliExpress or change your Credit or Debit Card. 

AliExpress Payment Failed CSC_7200026

In this, AliExpress directly blocked your Card due to some security concerns and your card needs verification. 

These are some of the reasons that AliExpress blocked your card and made your payment fail. 

  1. You may violate AliExpress Terms & Conditions
  1. You are using a Promo Code that is not yours or not applicable
  1. You create multiple accounts on AliExpress to get Promo Codes

How To Fix: You need to Verify your card on AliPay by submitting some of your documents to their team. This process will take 1-3 working days to complete your card verification. 

AliExpress Payment Failed CSC_7200034

This occurs in that situation when you enter incorrect order information while shopping for that product. 

How To Fix: Double-check your Name, Address, Contact Number, and Payment Information. Make sure your payment details are correct. 

AliExpress Payment Failed CSC_7200012

This code occurs when your Debit or Credit Card has expired or you entered the expiration date of your card while providing the Card details. 

How To Fix: Enter the correct card expiration date. If the card is actually expired, then use another card.

AliExpress Payment Failed CSC_7200040

When your Credit or Debit Card is restricted by your bank, then you will get this Error Code message while making the payment. With this Error Code, the message “This Card Is Restricted By The Bank” will also be displayed on the screen. 

How To Fix: Make a call at your bank branch or visit the bank in person and ask them the reason why your card is restricted. And follow the steps to make your card unrestricted. 

AliExpress Payment Failed CSC_7200021

This is because while entering your Debit or Credit Card details, you entered the wrong CVV of your card and then made a payment, which will lead to Payment Failure. 

How To Fix: Enter the correct CVV as well as other card details for successful completion of payment. 

Some Common Solutions To Fix AliExpress Payment Failure Issue

If you feel that the problem is not with your Debit or Credit Cards. Then, you can also try some of these basic troubleshooting methods to fix your payment failure issue on AliExpress. 

  1. Clear Cache From Your Browser or Shift To A New Browser
  1. Use the AliExpress App to complete your payment, if you face an error on the Website
  1. Disable any security adds-on
  1. Check your internet connectivity or refresh your internet
  1. Disable VPN from your browser

How To Contact AliExpress Support Team?

You can also get the help from AliExpress Support Team to solve your Payment Failed issue. Follow these steps to contact the AliExpress Team. 

  1. Open the AliExpress App and log into your Account
  1. Click on the Account from the bottom
  1. Go to the Help Center under the Services option
  1. Navigate to the bottom of the page and select Online Service
  1. You will be connected to a virtual agent that will help you
  1.  Ask the agent about the issue you are facing and they will provide you with a solution.


Whatever the reason for your AliExpress Payment Failure, What is important is how quickly you can resolve it. So, if you have found the reason for your payment failure, fix it immediately and purchase your favorite products from AliExpress after making a successful payment.

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