Troubleshooting PrizePicks Payment Failures: Common Causes and Solutions

prizepicks payment failed

We know you are very excited to play PrizePicks, but you are not able to start it due to the “Payment unsuccessful” message you are getting from PrizePicks. Many people are facing this issue at the time of deposit.

Don’t Worry!! We promise that your issue will be fixed as soon as you finish reading this article. Let’s start this article with a short introduction to PrizePicks.

PrizePicks is the best platform to play daily fantasy sports. Deposit some money on your PrizePicks account and earn up to 25X of money by winning the games.

But, if you are facing a Payment Failed issue, then you will not be able to start PrizePicks. Let’s find out the reasons and Solutions to Payment Failed Issues.

Why Is It Showing PrizePicks Payment Failed?

PrizePicks is a popular platform for playing daily fantasy and earning money from it. After registering your account on PrizePicks, you need to deposit some money in your account, and then you continue with PrizePicks.

It means that “Deposit Money” is an important step in PrizePicks. However, people are facing issues while depositing their money in the PrizePicks Account.

People are getting the error message “Payment Failed” when they try to deposit money. To know about this issue more, continue reading this article.

Common Reasons for PrizePicks Payment Failures

Your money Payment is failing due to multiple reasons. Some of the main reasons are under-

  • You Entered the wrong account or card information
  • You are the resident of an ineligible state, where PrizePicks services are not available
  • The Payment Method that you used while depositing money is currently not accepted by PrizePicks
  • Your payment deposit limit has been exceeded
  • Your Payment method is already linked to another account

Troubleshooting PrizePicks: How to Fix Payment Failed Issues?

Now you must have known the reasons why your deposit got rejected from your PrizePicks Account. You can try the following fixes to solve your issue.

Fix 1: Properly Check Your Account And Card Information


Before depositing money, make sure that you entered your account and card information correctly.

Double-check the entered information before you proceed to make the payment.

Fix 2: Check Your State Eligibility

The second reason for your payment failure is that maybe your State is not eligible under the PrizePicks State list.

PrizePicks is available in almost 31 States, Washington DC, and Canada. You can check the PrizePicks State Eligibility list. If your state is not listed in their category, then stop making deposits immediately.

Fix 3: Change Your Payment Method

PrizePicks will accept payments through the following payment modes-

  • Visa Credit or Debit Card
  • Instant Bank Transfer
  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal

If you are using the same payment mode every time while making the deposit that can also lead to PrizePicks payment issues. Try to switch to another Payment Method and then see if your issue is fixed or not.

Maybe the issue is with your Payment Mode. So, in that case, changing the Payment method is the best option. PayPal is considered to be the best payment method for PrizePicks.

Fix 4: Contact PrizePicks Customer Service

Maybe your payment limit is exceeded, and that’s why you are struggling to make a deposit and continuously getting a Payment Failed message.

In that case, you can Contact the PrizePicks service team and fix payment problems by asking them to increase your payment limit. After that, you will be able to deposit money smoothly into your account.

You can contact the PrizePicks Team on Twitter. Go to the PrizePicks Help Center Page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PrizePicks Down Right Now?

Yes, currently PrizePicks is facing some technical and payment failure issues. But, no worries!! Their team is trying hard to fix the issues.

Why Is PrizePicks Instant Bank Transfer Not Working?

If your Instant Bank Transfer system is not working while depositing money, then the issue is from your bank side. Maybe your bank has not accepted the PrizePicks Payment Method.

Why Is PrizePicks PayPal Not Working?

This is due to the reason, maybe PayPal is not working at that time. As PayPal method is almost used by everyone, and it’s genuine that PayPal services are slower down.

What Is PrizePicks Deposit Limit?

You can deposit up to $10 in your PrizePicks Account. No maximum limits.


Resolve PrizePicks Payment Issues Today: Follow Our Step-by-Step Guide. If the problem persists, you can contact the PrizePicks Support Team. You can send a simple DM on their Social Media handle and they will reply to your query soon.

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