Apple Pay error: “payment not completed” fixed

payment failed apple pay

Apple Pay is an easy and convenient way for iOS users to make online payments. But what, if you are facing errors in making payment? If you face a “Payment Failed Apple Pay”  issue, you are in the right place to get this issue resolved.

Apple Pay is the first choice of all iPhone users to send money to their friends quickly and securely. But, sometimes, your payment might be stuck on Apple Pay and that’s completely normal.

This can be a technical glitch, that you can easily resolve by Restarting your iPhone or by updating your iOS version.

But, if your issue is still not resolved, then you need a better understanding of what other scenarios that your Apple Pay Payment could lead to a failure and how you can fix them. Let’s know about it in more detail.

Why Is My Apple Pay Declining When I Have Money?

Some of the possible reasons that your Apple Payment is declining are as follows-

  1. Your Card is locked temporarily
  2. Maybe you entered the incorrect Card Pin
  3. Your Account has insufficient money
  4. Some technical faults can also be the reason

How To Fix Payment Failed Apple Pay?

If you are getting the Payment Failed or Payment Not Completed Message on your Apple Pay while making online transactions, then you can easily fix this problem on your own by following some of the below-mentioned troubleshooting methods.

Method 1: Restart Your Phone

Let’s start with a simple fix. You can try to resolve this issue by simply restarting your iPhone. Sometimes, there is a glitch in your phone, which affects your online payment. And this glitch can easily be resolved by Restarting your Phone.

Method 2: Update the iOS version

It is also possible that you are using an old version of iOS on which Apple Pay is not compatible, that’s why you are facing Payment Failed issues.

Make sure that you are using the latest version of iOS. Go to the Apple App Store and update your iOS version.

Method 3: Check Your Apple Pay Payment Method

Make sure that you entered the correct information on your credit or debit card while making the payment. A very common mistake that people make their billing information or Zip Code does not match their Payment Method.

To check your Credit Card information- navigate to Settings and click on your name> Payment & Shipping. Check the information and update it if needed.

Method 4: Check Connections & VPNs

If you are using any of the VPNs on your device, then make sure to turn it off before making the Apple Pay payment. Also, check your internet connectivity too.

Method 5: Replace Your Credit Card In Apple Pay

Maybe the problem is with your Card from which you are making the payment. Try to Replace your Card on your Apple Pay and then see if the issue is fixed or not.

Follow these steps to replace your Credit Card in Apple Pay

  1. Go to the Settings App.
  1. Select Wallet & Apple Pay.
  1. Click on Remove this card from the Payment Cards section.
  1. Restart the Device.
  1. Again, go to the Wallet & Apple Pay section.
  1. Go to its Settings.
  1. Select Add Card from the Payments Card section.
  1. Add the same card again to the Apple Pay.

Method 6: Sign Out And Back Into Your Apple ID

Try to sign in to your Apple ID again to fix the Apple Pay Payment Failed issue. Follow these simple steps to sign in with your Apple ID again.

  1. Go to your device Settings App.
  1. Tap on your Name from the top corner.
  1. Scroll down and click on the Sign Out button.
  1. Restart your iPhone.
  1. Go back to Settings App and sign in again with the same Apple ID.

Method 7: Contact The Apple Support

If the above-mentioned methods don’t fix your issue then the only last way is to Contact the Apple Support Team and ask for their help.

Maybe your Apple Pay has a serious problem that can only be resolved by the Apple Support Team. Get connected with their team, discuss your issue with them and they will provide you with the best solution that works for you. Contact the Apple customer care team at 1-800-275-2273.


Try each above-mentioned methods. Any of the methods may work for you and your Apple Pay Payment Failed issue can be resolved. If all the ways fail, then contact the Apple customer care team.

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