Youtube precondition check failed

youtube precondition check failed

Have you ever got a message “Precondition Check Failed” on YouTube while creating or downloading a video? If you still, don’t know how to fix this issue and get back your YouTube to normal, then this article is for you.

YouTube needs no introduction and is accessed by almost every age group individual. Right now, YouTube has 2.70 billion active users. That’s Pretty Much.

Some users faced a Precondition Check Failed Issue on their YouTube Account, which is quite frustrating for them. Let’s move forward to fix your issue with us.

You can try to fix this issue by rebooting your device or refreshing your internet connection by turning on/off your airplane mode. Other useful fixes are explained later in this article.

YouTube Precondition Check Failed Meaning

In the event of a Precondition failure, the target (YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch) would typically be unable to authenticate and resolve the host.

You can say it is a technical issue that can occur from the YouTube side or maybe the fault is on your device.

Let’s move forward to fix the Precondition Check Failed Issue from your YouTube.

How To Fix YouTube Precondition Check Failed Issue?

Some of the fixes that you can try to solve your YouTube Precondition Failed Issue. We are sure that any method from the below-mentioned fixes will work for you and you will be able to resolve your problem.

Fix 1: Basic Troubleshooting Methods

The first method to fix your Precondition Check Failed Issue can be done by you. You just need to do simple troubleshooting techniques from your device.

Maybe your device (Android or Laptop) is facing some technical glitch which leads to the YouTube Precondition Check Failing.

Some of the Basic Troubleshooting Methods are- 

  • Restart or Reboot Your Device
  • Turn On/Off Airplane Mode

After doing these methods, get back and open your YouTube again and see if your issue is resolved or not.

Fix 2: Manage YouTube App

Follow these steps to proceed with this fix.

  • Open Settings from your device
  • Find Apps option- App Management, Apps & Notification, Apps, App Manager, All Apps, or System Apps
  • Now, click on Apps, App List, All Apps, See All Apps, or App Manager
  • Select YouTube from the list of the Apps
  • Find Background Data and on/off 2-3 times
  • Enable the Background Data option
  • Refresh your internet by turning on/off Airplane Mode
  • Restart your Device

Fix 3: Update YouTube

  • Open Settings and click on the Apps option
  • Then, Manage Apps
  • Open YouTube and go to their Storage section
  • Clear the cache of your YouTube Storage
  • Then, navigate to its App Permissions
  • One by One Enable All the Permissions
  • Enable Wi-Fi and Mobile data option under the Restrict Data Usage section
  • Then, scroll down and tap on the Clear Default option
  • Then, Force Stop YouTube
  • Go to the Google Play Store and update the YouTube App Again

Fix 4: Report A YouTube Issue

If your Precondition Check Failure issue is not solved with any of the above-mentioned methods, then you need to submit a Report to the YouTube team and get their help.

Follow these steps to Report A YouTube Issue Via Computer-

  • Open YouTube on your computer browser
  • Tap on your profile picture
  • Then, select Send Feedback
  • Describe about your Precondition Check Failed Issue in their Feedback Report
  • You can also include a screenshot of your Precondition Check Failed option as a sort of proof
  • Tap on the Send button

Follow these steps to Report A YouTube Issue Via Android or iOS- 

  • Open YouTube Mobile App.
  • Tap on your Profile Picture.
  • Select Help and Feedback.
  • Click on Send Feedback.
  • Describe about your Precondition Check Failed Issue in their Feedback Report.
  • You can also include a screenshot of your Precondition Check Failed option as a sort of proof.
  • Tap on ""the icon from the bottom and your request is submitted.

Note: If you are using YouTube Paid Services, then you can contact the YouTube Paid Purchases Support Team and get help in resolving the issue.


We hope that one of these methods will definitely solve your YouTube Precondition Check Failed problem. If you still face this issue on a particular video, then maybe the video you are watching is private or something else.

The final reason and solution are only provided by the YouTube Team.

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