Is Century Age Of Ashes Crossplay? A Complete Guide – Latest Updates 2023

Is Century Age Of Ashes Crossplay In 2023?

Aerial combat game Century: Age of Ashes, where players command dragons in stressful aerial fights, is set in a mythical universe. However, many want to participate in this game alongside their pals. But can you and your friends enjoy this game together and engage in aerial battle even though you don’t share the same gaming platform? You will receive the same information from this guide.

The four dragon classes in Century: Age of Ashes, each with its special skills and playstyle, are open for players to select from. Players have a range of gameplay options thanks to the game’s inclusion of both team-based and open-for-all modes of play. The visually stunning and intricately designed dragons in Century: Age of Ashes, which bring the realm of fantasy to life, are one of the game’s highlights.

After the full release of Century: Age of Ashes on all compatible platforms, the game introduced crossplay capabilities, allowing users to play together across different devices.

There is a bit of perplexing information about the game, that you must stage in your mind, before getting your hands on Century: Age of Ashes. We have laid out all the details here, so consider giving it a look too.

Platform Compatibility: Where Can You Play Century: Age Of Ashes?

The platforms that are most suitably used for gaming are supported to run Century: Age of Ashes too. The names however consist:

1. Microsoft Windows

2. PlayStation 4

3. Xbox Series X|S

4. Geforce Now

5. Xbox One

6. PlayStation 5

Is Century Age Of Ashes Crossplay? Can You Play Across Different Platforms?

Yes, Century: Age of Ashes comes with crossplay but it used to be limited between Xbox consoles and PC players as the game was only attainable on those two platforms.

However, after making its way into the PlayStation Store in 2022, crossplay compatibility for all the devices was approved and PS players were also included in the concluded player pool. The functionality is toggled on in advance but turning it off is a piece of cake too if you desire to engage with your specific platform gamers.

Is Century: Age Of Ashes Cross-progression?

Cross-progression in Century: Age of Ashes is implemented, but to some extent only. It simply means, that if you are to hop between PC and Xbox systems, then cross-save is viable for you by integrating the same account into both copies of the game. However, the feature is yet to be integrated with the PS version of the game as PC players of Century: Age of Ashes are left out in this scenario. If anything they can achieve by hopping to another system is the frustration of starting over the game.

Is Century: Age Of Ashes Local Co-Op?

Local co-op can be termed also “a pipe dream” in Century: Age of Ashes. Century: Age of Ashes focuses on being a massive multiplayer aerial warfare game where players clash against their opponents online. The game’s multiplayer mode accepts up to 12 people simultaneously, however, it is in no way designed for couch co-op or local co-op.

Is Century: Age Of Ashes Split-Screen?

Split-screen is also inaccessible in Century: Age of Ashes. Century: Age of Ashes serves as an internet-based competitive game where players compete against one another. As local multiplayer is absent, there is no split-screen mode available either.

Is Century: Age Of Ashes Crossplay Between Xbox And PS4?

The developers indeed made the crossplay functional between Xbox consoles and PS4 and that too, was enabled by default. This makes the desire of players to fight with friends in air-riding dragons come true.

Is Century: Age Of Ashes Crossplay Between PC And PS5?

Yes, PC and PS5 are two hardware that let players run into a single match of Century: Age of Ashes. This makes the game fun for players wanting to enjoy it with pals on different systems.

Is Century: Age Of Ashes Crossplay With PS5?

Certainly. After the release of Century: Age of Ashes on the PS5 platform in the latter half of 2022, the game was pre-enabled with a crossplay feature in PS5.

Wrapping Up

This was all that needed to be reminded about the integration of different features in Century: Age of Ashes. The game can be a good addition to your library and can leave some fun playtime with friends and companions. However, the decision is what you make and we believe, with the above-given factors, you’ll surely be able to do so easily. Do mention your other queries.

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