Is Anthem Crossplay Or Not? It’s Time To Find Out!

Is Anthem Crossplay

Players frequently can establish and design their own characters in ARPGs, offering them an impression of ownership and influence over the experience they have while playing. The game Anthem unfolds in a science-fantasy scenario. But are you able to let your friends join you in playing this game despite the fact they use different systems?

People can roam the world and complete quests in Anthem whether alone or with two to four other people. Battle, search, and solving mysteries are among the majority of the activities that exist in the game, all of which may be finished either by yourself or with companions.

The unfortunate thing about Anthem is despite being playable on multiple devices it doesn’t come pre-implemented with any functionality the term “cross-platform” offers.

If you are searching for a detailed analysis of the functionalities of Anthem, keep looking at the guide followed ahead as you have come to an ideal place if you were seeking answers. So let’s get going and address all of your queries.

Which Platforms Support Anthem?

The names stated below are all empowered to run Anthem on them, some natively while others with some compatibility settings:

1. Microsoft Windows (Via EA app only)

2. PlayStation 4

3. Xbox Series X|S (With Backward Compatibility)

4. Xbox One

5. PlayStation 5 (With Backward Compatibility)

Is Anthem Crossplay?

Crossplay is actually never offered by Anthem, consequently, players across different gaming engines lack the ability to play jointly. The game had its debut before it was more frequently utilized in video games. Nevertheless, crossplay is yet to be integrated into the game by the makers.

Thus, even though there are several platforms that support the game Anthem, it still has this loophole that if you and your friends are opting for the platforms from varying manufacturers, then you will not be able to play this game together no matter how hard you wish to play it together.

Does Anthem Have Cross-Progression?

Players can’t shift their avatars or achievements across platforms since Anthem refuses to supply cross-save capability. Players that migrate between platforms must restart from scratch because every system has distinct save data and progress.

Is Anthem Cross-Gen Play?

Cross-generational play can be done in Anthem, enabling interaction between users across different console generations. In this case, Xbox One players may compete with Xbox Series X/S participants, and PlayStation 4 individuals may engage with PlayStation 5 users. As a result, gamers can go on competing alongside others who may have transitioned to a new system.

Is Anthem Local Co-Op?

There exists no local co-op function in Anthem. The game has been optimized to be enjoyed on the web, either by one person or in a team effort with other players. While it is achievable to collaborate in the game with other players on the same network, doing so necessitates that each player possesses a separate copy of the game and gaming device.

Is Anthem Split Screen?

Unfortunately, the answer here is too No because the game has not been designed in a way that you can play on the same screen using the same console where the screen splits into two equal sections. So, there is no way you can play the game with your friends while sitting beside each other on the same console or platform.


Is Anthem Crossplay Between PC And Xbox?

Sadly enough, the PC edition of Anthem is forbidden to engage in matches with the Xbox edition.

Is Anthem Crossplay Between PC And PS4?

Just as mentioned earlier, PC and PS4 versions of Anthem do not have crossplay operable between them.

Is Anthem Crossplay Between PS4 And Xbox?

Unfortunately, PS4 and Xbox players cannot have in-game combat in Anthem with one another.

Wrapping Up

This concludes our guide on crossplay availability in Anthem along with certain specific functions. If you are keen to learn about any other game’s capabilities, consider sharing their titles with us in the comments.

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