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Is Craftopia Crossplay

A unique combination of gameplay components from crafting, exploration, fighting, and automation can be found in the multiplayer survival action game “Craftopia”. But when done with companions, surviving is always enjoyable? However even if your pals are using a different platform than you, can you still build a base with them?

A variety of gaming mechanics are included in Craftopia, such as gathering resources, farming, cooking, fishing, and hunting. In order to create weapons, tools, armor, and other goods, players can gather a variety of materials like wood, stone, ores, and flora.

The amazing thing is, even though the accessibility of Craftopia is limited to certain platforms only, crossplay between all the capable hardware is backed in the game by the developers. If you are keen to know the platform availability of Craptopia, just keep reading further.

There is an array of things that you must learn and have in your mind if you are to have a better experience while playing Craftopia. So, it is highly suggested to check that too.

Which Platforms Support Craftopia?

Platform support for Craftopia is limited to a few options only. This on the one hand makes the game inaccessible for players of some major systems. On the other hand, it makes it easier for the developers to test and patch the game more efficiently and quickly. The supported devices’ names are:

1. Microsoft Windows (Steam and Microsoft Store Only)

2. Xbox Game Pass

3. Xbox One

4. Xbox Series X|S

Is Craftopia Crossplay? | craftopia cross platform 2023

You will be pleased to know that, crossplay in Craftopia is completely accessible between all the platforms, while it was not the case during the initial launch of the game, where only the Xbox (both One and Series X|S) versions and Microsoft Store version were compatible of crossplay. Initially, the Steam version players were left in their own pool giving more bigger player base and less waiting time for the first pool and making it a disadvantage to have the Steam version of Craftopia. But it is now crossplay between all supported systems ending the pool system for good.

Does Craftopia Support Cross-Progression?

Yes, cross-progression or cross-save is capable in Craftopia but not between all the systems. Cross-save through the Xbox Game Pass version of the game is achievable.

In other words, if you have Craftopia bundled with your Xbox Game Pass and you only use that version on your Xbox and PC to enjoy the game, then all your data will be synced as it basically belongs to just one version (Xbox Game Pass).

However, if you are planning to jump between the Xbox version to Microsoft Store or the Steam version, then your saves won’t be migrating to the latter system. Only the system where Craptopia was being run initially has all the saved data.

Cross-save between Xbox Game Pass to Steam version is also not viable, at least officially.

Is Craftopia a Local Co-Op?

Yes, Craftopia lets you run a local co-op mode in the game but you cannot enjoy it with your pals on the same device or the same screen. Every playing user must have a separate device and a separate game copy where all the devices must be interlinked with one another through LAN. Certainly, you heard right. Only LAN type of local co-op can be performed.

Is Craftopia Crossplay Between Xbox And PS4?

As Craftopia is not capable of running on PS4, it automatically ruins the possibility of crossplay the game between Xbox and PS4.

Is Craftopia On PS4/PS5?

No, Craftopia has not yet been designed and optimized to run on either PS4 or PS5.

Wrapping Up

If you enjoy playing world-building games where you are the creator of your world and basically want to have a head-ache-free gaming experience, Craftopia can result in a good fit for you. However, with this note, we are now concluding this guide on crossplay functionality in Craftopia hoping that we helped you in making your decision about Craftopia.

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