Is Hollow Knight Crossplay? Let’s Find Out Now!

Is Hollow Knight Crossplay? Let's Find Out Now!

Players in Hollow Knight take control of the Knight, a tiny insect-like creature that they can use to explore a huge, linked world full of buried secrets. The game is set in the crumbling kingdom of Hallownest. But can this one-of-a-kind experience be enjoyed with friends on a different platform? Let’s find the answer.

The distinctive art style of Hollow Knight, which combines hand-drawn characters and surroundings with ominous, atmospheric imagery, is one of the game’s standout qualities.

Unfortunately, crossplay is not compatible with Hollow Knight officially because the game is developed as a single-player, and no type of multiplayer is intended by the developers.

There is still a lot to be known about Hollow Knight before experiencing the visual masterpiece. So, be sure to scroll till the end and grasp all the stuff provided.

Which Platforms Support Hollow Knight?

Although being developed by a small team, Hollow Knight is obtainable on most of the common running platforms out there. They consist:

1. Microsoft Windows

2. Xbox One

3. PlayStation 5 (With Backward Compatibility)

4. Nintendo Switch

5. macOS

6. PlayStation 4

7. Xbox Series X|S (With Backward Compatibility)

8. Linux

9. Steam Deck

Is Hollow Knight Crossplay?

Sadly, Hollow Knight is strictly single-player focused and doesn’t let any kind of crossplay, even multiplayer in the game is not viable officially.

However, some game enthusiasts made an unofficial multiplayer version of the game. You can try it if you really want to play the game in multiplayer mode, but as for the official video game version of Hollow Knight, you will not have such a privilege.

Does Hollow Knight Support Cross-Progression?

Yes, Hollow Knight now lets cross-progression or cloud cross-save but it is only limited to the same storefront. It can be understood as Steam players can transfer the game’s progress between Windows, Steam Deck, Linux, and macOS where the Steam store is available.

While they cannot shift the files between the PC version (Steam) to PS or Xbox versions officially. There are unofficial ways, nonetheless, with which progress can be transferred between all platforms.

Is Hollow Knight Local Co-Op?

The multiplayer co-op mode for Hollow Knight is not available locally or online. A single player must explore the vast linked world of Hallownest alone while facing fighting, platforming, and exploration tasks in the single-player game Hollow Knight.

There isn’t a designated local or online coop multiplayer mode in Hollow Knight that enables group play on a console or shared screen. There are unofficial alternatives, as was already clarified.


Is Hollow Knight Cross-Save Between Switch To PC?

Certainly. By injecting the Switch’s memory card into the PC and copying Hollow Knight’s saved files from the PC to the memory card, a cross-save between the two platforms can be performed.

Is Hollow Knight Cross-Save Between Xbox To PC?

Cross-save is only possible in this case if you have the Xbox Game Pass and have the game bundled with it. If you own two different versions (Xbox and PC) cross-save is not going to happen.
So, it simply explains that you cannot save the progress of your game on Xbox to your PC in the case of Hollow Knight.

Is Hollow Knight Cross-Save Between PS4 To PC?

No, migrating Hollow Knight’s save files from PS4 to PC is unattainable in any way. This means that if you are switching from your PS4 to your PC, you will not be able to save the progress of the game Hollow Knight that you played on the PS4 on your PC.

Wrapping Up

This was our guide on the take of the Hollow Knight’s developers on crossplay functionality for the game. If you still got any questions, you can always ask them in the comments and we will provide assistance for the same regarding Hollow Knight or any other video game that you are planning to purchase and play with your friends from varying platforms.

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