Is Arcadegeddon Crossplay In 2023? Let’s Find Out!

Is Arcadegeddon Crossplay In 2023? Let's Find Out!

In a cooperative game, each player often controls their own character and has special skills or responsibilities to play in the game’s setting. Players join forces with friends or other online players in Arcadegeddon, also a cooperative multiplayer game that is set in the virtual world “Gameria,” to fight against waves of robotic opponents, perform quests, and explore a vibrant, arcade-themed setting.

In Arcadegeddon, as players travel through numerous game-themed districts of Gameria, each with its own special challenges and foes, they undertake the role of “Gamer,” a character outfitted with a variety of weapons and powers. Players can gather loot, upgrade their weapons, and add cosmetic items to their characters along the journey.

Yes, the developers had promised to provide full crossplay compatibility with the full launch of Arcadegeddon, and undoubtedly, they have kept their promise which means that you are going to find the crossplay feature in Arcadegeddon on not just one or two, but a variety of platforms from different manufacturing companies.

If you are interested in knowing the crossplay feature in Arcadegedoon along with some basic but useful details about the game, keep moving forward.

Which Platforms Support Arcadegeddon?

With the complete release of Arcadegeddon in the last quarter of 2022, the game is made attainable on all the major systems. They compose of:

1. Microsoft Windows

2. Xbox Series X|S

3. PlayStation 4

4. Nintendo Switch

5. Xbox One

6. PlayStation 5

Is Arcadegeddon Crossplay?

While crossplay was not completely available during the beta access of the Arcadegeddon, however, after the complete launch of the game, full crossplay compatibility is also available between all the supported devices.

This means that the following platforms or devices support the crossplay features of the game Arcadegeddon:

1. PC

2. Xbox Series X

3. Xbox Series S

4. Xbox One

5. PS5

6. PS4

So, no matter which of the platforms mentioned above are owned by you and your friends, all of you will still be able to play the game as long as the game is supported on your platforms.

However, remember one thing, it is that you will be able to play with each other across varying platforms only if each of you has enabled the crossplay mode in the game.

Is Arcadegeddon Cross-Gen Play?

Arcadegeddon does allow cross-gen play. This implies that users come from different console brands and generations, for stance, players from the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 can participate in the same game session.

Does Arcadegeddon Support Cross Progression?

Cross-progression isn’t backed by Arcadegeddon. If you begin the game on one platform and proceed to another platform or continue on a different device later, your gameplay will not be carried over.

The game however comes with complete crossplay compatibility, there is no cross-save support yet.

Is Aarcadegeddon a Local Co-Op?

Sadly, however, the game offers offline mode but it is for solo play only and no sort of local multiplayer or local co-op is accessible to play in Arcadegeddon.

So, if you do not want to or aren’t able to play this game online, then the only option that you have to play it is in the single player mode.

Is Arcadegeddon Split-Screen?

Split-screen gaming is not permitted in Arcadegeddon. The lack of a split-screen mode in the game prevents players from playing locally in a split-screen manner while sharing the same screen.

This means, in other words, that you and your friends will not be able to play the game Arcadegeddon on the same device on the same screen while sitting beside each other.

Wrapping Up

If constant hopping between platforms is not a thing that you do, Arcadegeddon can be a quite fulfilling experience for you. This was all about crossplay compatibility analysis of Arcadegeddom. If you want to learn about any other game’s features put them in the comment box below.

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