Is War Thunder Crossplay In 2023? Let’s Find Out!

Is War Thunder Crossplay In 2023

The wide variety of vehicles accessible in vehicular combat multiplayer games, each with its own distinctive features, strengths, and limitations, is one of the fundamental gameplay components. With a variety of tanks, planes, and ships from different countries, War Thunder, a VCM, delivers a realistic and immersive experience from the Cold War and World War II eras.

Players who choose to play War Thunder can expect a rich and actual army simulation thanks to the game’s realistic physics-based gameplay, intricate vehicle models, and historically accurate locations. There are numerous modes available to players, each with varying degrees of difficulty and realism.

Players can advance through the game and unlock additional vehicles as they acquire experience and go up the tech tree, which includes hundreds of vehicles from various countries. The gameplay is given depth and authenticity by the painstaking modeling and precise looks of the vehicles.

The exciting detail about War Thunder is that crossplay is completely viable in the game which gives players wanting to play the game, an extra inch of enjoyment.

However, there is still some complex stuff about War Thunder’s functionalities that are discussed in brief further, so we suggest you take a wise look at them as they can make or break your overall experience.

Which Platforms Support War Thunder?

War Thunder’s developers have issued the game for some most conventional and unconventional means of gaming. The list of the supported systems is:

1. Microsoft Windows (Through Steam And Microsoft Store)

2. Xbox One

3. PlayStation 5

4. OculusVR

5. HTC Vive

6. Xbox Series X|S

7. macOS

8. PlayStation 4

9. Linux

Is War Thunder Crossplay?

The answer is that War Thunder allows for cross-platform play. No matter their platform, individuals from PC, PS consoles, Xbox systems, and any other compatible systems can participate in the same sessions.

This gives a bigger player group for matchmaking and multiplayer fights and enables gamers to team up and compete against one another without regard to their chosen gaming platform.

War Thunder users are able to toggle off cross-platform play if they’d rather only play with other players using the same platform. Cross-platform play has been set “ON” by default in War Thunder.

Does War Thunder Support Cross-Progression?

The answer contains both yes and no and is rather complicated. Well, to put it simply, if you are having the game on PS4/PS5 and you have created a new in-game War Thunder account, you can bind that account to your email and then integrate that mail account into the PC version of the game, your data will get auto-sync between PS and PC.

But progress directly from the PC cannot be migrated to the PS version. The same is also true for Xbox consoles, where save can shift between Xbox and PC if connected with the same account but the vice-versa is not true.

Also, cross-progression between Xbox and PlayStation is a pipe dream in every possible term for now.

Is War Thunder Local Co-Op?

Local cooperative (local co-op) mode in War Thunder is nothing less than a mirage. Although War Thunder delivers a variety of game modes, such as arcade battles, realistic fights, and simulator combat.

In addition to a variety of solo mode content, such modes are mostly intended for solo or online multiplayer play and lack a local cooperative mode where players can band jointly and play in conjunction on the same system.

Is War Thunder Split-Screen?

Split-screen cooperation option is absent from War Thunder. Split-screen functionality would prove worthless in War Thunder because it is a multiplayer online game without plans for local co-op.


Is War Thunder Crossplay Between Xbox And PC?

Certainly, War Thunder allows crossplay between Xbox consoles and PC players. In fact, cross-save from Xbox to PC is also attainable.

Is War Thunder Crossplay Between Xbox And PS4/PS5?

Absolutely. Xbox consoles and PS4/PS5 players can interact in a battle with one another, due to the addition of crossplay in War Thunder.

Is War Thunder Crossplay Between PS4/PS5 And PC?

Just as you guessed by now, crossplay between PS4 or PS5 and PC can be done if you desire to do it with buddies or random strangers.

Wrapping Up

With this, you can conclude that War Thunder has both crossplay and partial cross-save functionality bundled into it. So, if you are looking for an online game to enjoy with pals, you can, without any doubt, consider this game. However, if there are any confusions still clinging to your mind about this or any game, you can drop them in the comments.

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