how tall is whitebeard?

how tall is whitebeard

If you are currently watching the One Piece Japanese Anime Series, then you must know how exciting and entertaining it is.

It has an exciting storyline but its characters also play a vital role in the popularity of One Piece. This series has many amazing characters but one of its most favorite and important characters is Whitebeard.

Well!! I am a big fan of the One Piece Anime series, and Whitebeard is my favorite. I have almost all the information about Whitebeard, which you may not even know.

So, today I decided to share some of my knowledge with you guys, Like how tall is Whitebeard? And many more.

Who Is Whitebeard In One Piece?

Whitebeard is one of the important and strongest characters of the popular anime series “One Piece”. Its real name is “Edward Newgate” but is popularly known as Whitebeard among all people.

He was the captain of the Whitebeard Pirates and is considered the Strongest Man in the World after the death of the Gol D. Roger.

Before forming his own Crew, Whitebeard was a pirate member of Rock Pirates and later on, became a member of Four Emperors that ruled the New World.

In his tenure, he served really well and proved his strength every time. But unfortunately, at the age of 72, he died in the Marineford War.

From then, till today, no one will forget his participation in saving his subordinate Ace. but even despite, putting in all of his efforts, he couldn’t save himself and Whitebeard’s character vanished from the One Piece series.

How Tall Is Whitebeard? Whitebeard Appearance

Well!! There is no doubt that Whitebeard is the strongest character, but its long height was also a plus point to him. But, do you actually know, how tall is Whitebeard? Let’s know about it.

Whitebeard was actually 666 cm; in feet: (21’10”). That is three times longer than a normal human.

He looks like a giant human with a big and wide head, muscular body, with wrinkled face and eyes. He had powerful weapons called Devil Fruit, which he used to produce powerful shock waves.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Old Was Whitebeard When He Died?

Whitebeard was 72 years old when he died in the Marineford War.

How Tall Is Kaido? Is Whitebeard Taller Then Kaido?

No, Kaido is taller than Whitebeard. Kaido is 710 cm, while Whitebeard is 666 cm.


Even though Whitebeard is no more, people have not been able to forget his performance in the series. That’s why he is one of people’s favorite characters. Share your views on Whitebeard with us in the comment section.

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