when does luffy learn haki?

when does luffy learn haki

Monkey D. Luffy or Luffy is the popular and extraordinary character of the famous Anime Series “One Piece”. Do you know what makes him extraordinary? Because he uses the power of Haki.

Haki is one of the most powerful power which is hardly possessed by any character. But, Monkey D. Luffy is the king of Haki. How?

Do you even think about when Luffy Learned this amazing power? Luffy learned the power of Haki from the Silver Rayleigh.

More information about it will be explained later in this article. If you wanna know about them in complete detail, then let’s move forward.

What Is Haki In The World Of One Piece?

There are many amazing and unique powers in the One Piece series. But, Haki is one of the top powers of all and this power is rarely used by anyone.

But, our character Luffy uses this Haki Power in One Piece. Haki is a supernatural power that allows you to manifest things according to your own spiritual will.

The higher the spiritual energy of a person, the more powerful his Haki. Many people are unable to connect with their spiritual energy, that’s why Haki is used by some rare characters. (Luffy).

Haki is of three types- Observation Haki, Armament Haki, and Conqueror’s Haki.

  • Observation Haki gives users the power of prerecognition. With this, they can gain the intentions of enemies as well as the emotions of others. Those who have a high level of Observation Haki can even see the near future.
  • Armament Haki makes its users physically strong. With this, users can create strong iron-coated weapons on their bodies to defend themselves from a strong attack.
  • Conqueror Haki is the rarest form of Haki, hardly gained by anyone. With this power, a strong-willed person can win against a weak-willed person, sometimes making them unconscious.

When Does Luffy Learn Haki In One Piece?

In the beginning, Luffy didn’t even know that a power like Haki existed and it is that powerful. Over time, Luffy realized that he also had a spiritual as well as manifestation energy.

He started using his manifestation techniques at the times of Marineford and Amazon Lily. After that, Luffy decided to gain more insights into this technique and make this power even stronger.

During that time, Silver Rayleigh (Right Hand of Gol D. Roger) taught him some of the basics of Haki. Later on, Luffy became a proficient Haki owner at the end. He uses all the three types of Haki Power.

To further build his Haki power, Luffy received his further training from Hyogoro. After that training, he developed his power so much that till now no one has been able to compete with him in terms of using Haki.


Haki is the most unique power and can only be possessed by the deserving ones. After coming to the end of this article, you will have come to know why only Luffy has the power of Haki.

He has all the capabilities that a Haki owner should have. Share more facts about Luffy with us in the comments.

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