How To Get Rid Of Pokemon In Pokemon Go?

How To Get Rid Of Pokemon In Pokemon Go?

Is there a Pokemon that you no longer find useful in Pokemon Go but still having it in your Pokedex? Why don’t you just let it go? Wait, are you aware of how to get rid of Pokemon in Pokemon Go? If not, today you will get to know that you can also receive some great rewards in exchange for the Pokemon you do not want for yourself.

There is a wide range of Pokemon available for the players in Pokemon Go. You must have caught a lot of them, maybe sometimes the same kind of Pokemon twice. Now the thing is that once your space gets filled up, you will not be able to catch more Pokemon, which means you will, at certain times, require to get rid of your Pokemon that are not of much use.

To get rid of Pokemon in Pokemon Go, you have to go to the main menu of the game and tap on the Pokeball icon that will display a list of all the Pokemon you have at present. Then you can choose the Pokemon you do not need and tap on the transfer button at the bottom of your device’s screen, as a result of which, the chosen Pokemon will be transferred to Professor Willow and you can now catch another Pokemon for yourself.

Let us check out in detail how you can remove a Pokemon from your list in Pokemon Go so that you can make some space for the new ones.

How To Get Rid Of Pokemon In Pokemon Go?

There are certain times when you catch the same type of Pokemon more than once and the space in your Pokedex gets filled up with duplicate ones. This goes for all the Pokemon games including Pokemon Go.

Now that you know that you can keep only a limited number of Pokemon at a time, you need to get rid of the ones that you don’t find useful anymore, and how to do that? There is nothing complex in the process, it is all just a matter of a few steps and you can remove whichever Pokemon you want from your list of Pokemon in the game.

Here are the steps provided that you need to follow if you want to get rid of any Pokemon of yours in Pokemon Go.

1. Go to the map view of your game and open the main menu.

2. There you have to tap on the Pokeball icon present at the bottom of your screen.

3. Once you do this, a list of all the Pokemon possess at present will be displayed on the screen.

4. Scroll down to the bottom and you will see the “Transfer” button, tap on it.

5. Now, you are allowed to get rid of any Pokemon you do not want to have with you.

As you do this, the selected Pokemon of yours will be transferred to Professor Willow. Now you must be thinking that your effort in catching a Pokemon simply got wasted, but that is not the case.

Once you have transferred a Pokemon of yours to Professor Willow, it will get removed from your list permanently, but not for nothing. In return for this, you will also receive some rewards. These rewards include Candy and Stardust which are useful both in case of powering up your Pokemon or evolving them.

Remember that all Pokemon receive the same rewards on transferring, so no matter how rare or legendary your Pokemon is, you are not going to get any additional reward for that, so make your choice wisely while deciding which Pokemon you should transfer to get rid of.

Wrap Up

We hope that from now onwards you will not have to worry about the lack of space for catching another Pokemon in Pokemon Go because you are well aware of where and how you have to transfer your Pokemon so that you can vacate some space for the upcoming ones.

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