Minecraft Dungeons Tower Guide – 2023

Minecraft Dungeons Tower Guide - 2023

The Tower is a quest in Minecraft Dungeons Camp that features a variable amount of floors to clear. There are about 30 floors in a tower, and it can vary during some special events. Each floor brings up various Boss Battles that the player will encounter and must win to reach the next floor of the tower. The degree of difficulty fluctuates with every floor of the tower and winning a floor will present you with items you can choose from or just acquire the enchantment point.

The game Minecraft Dungeons consists of about five different types of floors the player encounters throughout. These include the Basement, the Boss Floor, the Combat Floor, the Merchant Floor, and the Roof which is also known as the final floor for the quest.

Let us get through a full-fledged Minecraft Dungeons Tower Guide so that you can easily cover this aspect of the game.

Minecraft Dungeons Tower Guide

The Tower in the Minecraft Dungeon Camp can be accessed after the player finishes off the Squid Coast mission. When you complete the task, the tower will unlock. There are numerous floors in the Tower with each having various Boss Battle challenges you must face to win. The floors have different pleasing appearances and environments to make them look better.

In the Cloudy Climb, the floor has a number of pillars and balconies and it resembles a huge castle or a temple. The Luminous Night has a foggy night appearance where there are a large number and different shapes of luminous symbols that might not be visible to the player character in the day. The Fauna Faire presents greenery and beautiful Fauna around the Tower Floor and gives it an amazing floor appearance.

The Five different types of Tower Floor

  1. Basement

The player begins the journey of its Tower Run from the lowest floor or the Basement. You can also call this floor the Empty Floor. The entrance leading to the following level always appears on the left with a fountain in the center. The player won’t find any enemies here and completing this floor won’t provide you with any enchantment points, nor the gears.

  1. Boss Floor

In Boss Floor, the Bosses and some more strong creatures appear and it depends on the summons of the Tower Keeper. The interior of the tower serves as the basis for all of the modifications that the boss arena can have.  Bosses and strong enemies from DLC packs are included; these enemies can be encountered without purchasing the relevant DLC.

  1. Combat Floor

One arena battle may be found on each combat floor, and the tower keeper will start it as soon as the player enters. It can appear as the interior of either the tower, a DLC, or a destination from the Mainland.

  1. Merchant Floor

There are about three Merchants and one of them is ready to emerge on the Merchant Floor. The three Merchants are the Powersmith, the Gildsmith, and the Uniquesmith. However, winning the floor will not provide any enchantment points or items.

  1. Roof 

The Final Floor or the Roof as we know is the last floor and thus situated at the topmost part of the tower. The Roof, too,  is a boss floor which means you will encounter a boss or one or more mobs. Winning this floor means that the player has accomplished his mission and has now beaten the tower and completed the quest.

The recent Tower has the Fauna Faire layout and has about 22 floors. These start from the Basement and in order include two Fiery Forge Floors, three Creepy Crypt, one Highblock Halls, a Merchant Floor that summons the Uniquesmith, a Boss Floor having the Corrupted Cauldron, two more Highblock Halls, two Lost Settlement Floors, a Merchant Floor having the Gildsmith, a Boss Floor which has Jungle Abomination, two Lone Fortress, four Soggy Swamp Floors, a Merchant Floor having the Powersmith and a Boss Floor where the Boss is Wretched Wraith.

Wrap Up

The Tower quests are an interesting feature of Minecraft dungeons and are fun to play. The floors in the tower are distinctive in their appearances and challenges. Some floors provide enchantment points and special items and some don’t. We informed you about the different types of floors in a tower and also gave an insight about the new recent tower released. These are fun to play so do give them a try.

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