How To Get Stalker Teeth In Subnautica? Subnautica Stalker Tooth Cheat

How To Get Stalker Teeth In Subnautica

Subnautica is a game where you have to survive underwater, dealing with dangerous creatures and collecting things like Stalker Teeth. These teeth are important for making tools and weapons. 

You can get Stalker Teeth by taking them from a creature called the Stalker. You can find Stalker anywhere in the game, mostly hidden underwater.

In this article, we will talk about some easy ways to get Stalker Teeth in Subnautica. These tips will help you get the teeth you need to make cool stuff in the game.

What Are Stalker Teeth Used For?

Stalker Teeth are important in Subnautica because they help make many things. Stalker teeth can be found in Stalker’s mouth, which can be used to redeem different features in the game. The Stalker is a mean creature that lives in different parts of the game’s water world.

You can use Stalker Teeth to create different items. These include the Stasis Rifle, a strong weapon that can freeze animals and things, the Thermal Blade, a tool for cooking fish by heating them up, and the Repulsion Cannon, a tool to push away stuff and creatures.

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How to get Stalker Teeth in Subnautica

Stalker Teeth are special things you need in Subnautica, a game where you explore underwater. Since Stalkers are not so friendly, it might be hard to get these Stalker teeth. But worry not, we have tricks to get these teeth to step by step:

1. Find Stalkers

Look around different places underwater, like kelp forests or grassy plateaus. Stalkers like to hang out there.

2. Metal Fun

The best time to get a Stalker’s teeth is when the Stalker is busy playing with the metal balls.

3. Quiet Approach

Now, be careful and move closer to the Stalker, but don’t scare it away. If you’re quiet and patient, it might drop the metal it’s holding.

4. Lucky Find

Sometimes, when the Stalker drops the metal, you might see a Stalker Tooth lying there too. It’s like a prize you get for being patient.

5. Use a Tool

If you’re having trouble, you can use a special tool called a Propulsion Cannon. This tool helps you take the metal from the Stalker’s mouth. And guess what? Sometimes, you’ll also get a Stalker Tooth this way.

6. Collect More

Keep doing these steps to get more Stalker Teeth. You might need a few of them for different things.

Now, why are these teeth so important? Well, you can use them to make cool stuff like the Thermal Blade, which helps you cook fish for food, and the Stasis Rifle, which can freeze things in place. 

So, if you want to explore the deep parts of the ocean and be ready for anything, collecting Stalker Teeth is a smart idea.

How can I find Stalker Teeth more easily?

How can I find Stalker Teeth more easily?

Getting Stalker Teeth in Subnautica might be a little tricky, but I’ll share some easy tricks to help you find them better:

1. Stalker Homes

Stalkers love playing with metal pieces and take them to their homes. If you find a Stalker’s home, you could discover Stalker Teeth lying around.

2. Use a Scanner Room

If you have a scanner room, use it to find Stalkers. This will help you spot groups of Stalkers more easily, which means you’re closer to finding Stalker Teeth.

3. Try a Grav Trap

Use a Grav Trap to attract Stalkers to a spot. Put the trap near them and drop a metal piece nearby. When the Stalker comes over, it gets trapped, and you can get a Stalker Tooth.

4. Propulsion Cannon Trick

 Use a Propulsion Cannon to take metal bits from a Stalker’s mouth. Sometimes, this can also get you a Stalker Tooth.

5. Search Different Places

Stalkers hang out in different areas like Kelp Forests, Grassy Plateaus, and Crash Zones. Look around these spots for Stalkers and their Teeth.

What is the fastest way to get stalker teeth?

The quickest way to get Stalker Teeth in Subnautica is by using a tool called the Propulsion Cannon. You can make the Propulsion Cannon using the Mobile Vehicle Bay and the blueprint you find in different places during the game.

Here’s how to use it: Hold the Propulsion Cannon and aim at a metal piece in a Stalker’s mouth. Press the button to shoot the Propulsion Cannon. This makes the metal piece come out of the Stalker’s mouth, and sometimes a Stalker Tooth falls out too. Then you can pick up the Stalker Tooth from the ground.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any tips or tricks for finding Stalker Teeth in Subnautica?

Yes, Explore hidden places like underwater caves, old buildings, and shipwrecks to find Stalker teeth easily. Trading with other players and finishing quests can also get you Stalker Teeth.

Can I use Stalker Teeth to craft all items in Subnautica?

Stalker Teeth are mainly used for making special things like the Prawn Suit and Seamoth in Subnautica. But not everything needs them. Some items need different stuff like Quartz and Lithium.

Can I buy Stalker Teeth from other players in Subnautica?

You can buy Stalker Teeth from other players. You might trade with them or buy from a player shop. Just be careful, prices can sometimes be high. Check different places before buying.

Can I sell Stalker Teeth in Subnautica?

Yes, it’s easy to sell Stalker teeth to other players. Just make sure that you know the worth of each teeth before making any deal.

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