Is Crossout Crossplay?

Is Crossout Crossplay?

Wanna create and drive some insane vehicles? Then you must look out at Crossout as it has all the adventurous vehicles for you to try. But can you have this fun with your friends or you are on your own here? Let’s find out.

Crossout is an MMO Action game set in a post-apocalyptic era. You are here to face the battle and can get support by crafting unique and customizable vehicles, however you want. The game is available for PvP and PvE scenarios and you can choose any of them.

The game is exciting enough to play with all your friends but unfortunately, you won’t be able to. Crossout does not support Crossplay in the game. So if you want to play with your friends then ensure that they have a similar platform as you.

If you want to know more about other features of the game, you may read out this post as we will try to answer your related queries here.

Which Platforms Support Crossout?

The various platforms that support Crossout include the following-

1. PlayStation 4

2. PlayStation 5

3. Xbox One

4. Microsoft Windows

5. Xbox Series X 

6. Xbox Series S

7. iOS

8. GeForce Now

Is Crossout Crossplay?

Although Crossout is available to be played on numerous consoles and gaming platforms, players are, however, not provided with the crossplay feature.

It means that if you have Crossout on PS4 or any supported platform and your friend possesses the game on any other platform than PS4 then you both won’t be able to play the game together.

This feature will only work if both you and your friend share a similar platform that supports the game.

Can PC And PS4 Play Crossout?

Crossout is of course available for PC and PS4 players and also on above listed platforms. But the players won’t be able to play the game together as Crossout does not support crossplay. PC players can only play the game with other PC players and the same is the case with PS4.

Is Crossout Cross Progression?

The cross-progression mode in the game allows the players to play the game on one platform and then continue their progress on a different platform. However, this feature does not work for all games. Especially not for those games that lack crossplay. Even Crossout does not support cross-progression. So if you are playing the game on a particular console then your progress will be limited to that platform.

Is Crossout On Switch?

No, Crossout is not available to play on Nintendo Switch and this may disappoint the players who use this gaming console. The only platforms that support Crossout are listed above so you can have a look and enjoy the game with friends who have the same platform as you.

Wrap Up

Crossout can be a compelling game for those who enjoy gameplay that has numerous customizable vehicles and battles to win. This is disappointing that the game does not support crossplay, inhibiting the players of different consoles to enjoy the game together. However, the game is still amazing to play so you can enjoy it with friends sharing similar platforms.

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