How to Start Your Own Gaming Channel

How to Start Your Own Gaming Channel

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There are a few fundamentals that every aspiring gamer must first master to establish a strong following and a profitable gaming channel.

1. Pick a Title to Focus Your Content On

You can create content, though it’s important to stick to one title when you’re new in this field.

The player base is one important factor that you should consider when choosing a game. Having strong content will contribute you to becoming the go-to person for that particular game’s players.

2. Plan Your Content

It’s important to plan the videos that you’re going to upload. Having good content enables you to grow your channel and attract more viewers. Another important aspect that you should consider is posting consistently.

One of the easiest ways to start a channel is by creating content that’s focused on the game’s story. For instance, you can create walkthroughs that will help players understand the game’s story.


One of the most effective ways to start a channel is by creating content or guides that have focused on the game’s complicated and difficult levels to help players who are stuck in a particular level or others improve their performance.

Highlight Reels

Short videos are a great way to start a channel. They can be created in under a minute and feature funny and impressive scenes from the game that you’re currently playing. Creating TikToks and Reels will introduce your channel to the viewers. Consider exploring unique ways to make money through short videos to seamlessly integrate engaging glimpses of your gaming experiences. This showcases your gaming skills and introduces viewers to innovative income-generating strategies.

3. Have the Proper Gear

Even though a gaming computer is required for creating content, other equipment is also required.


When it comes to long-form videos, you’ll most likely need a microphone to add a voice-over feature to your content. Most viewers would rather hear your voice explaining what’s happening in the video than read the captions.

Camera and Lighting

Although some gamers prefer to hide their face, if you’re planning on showing yourself, you’ll need a decent webcam. The built-ins of most laptops won’t capture properly.

In addition to having the proper equipment, you’ll also need to have good lighting. If you want to make your content look more professional, you’ll want to use LED lights.

4. Capture Your Screen

If you want to share the proper screen with the world, when you’re streaming gameplay or recording it, you need to capture it. You can do the same by two methods: using a gaming computer or a secondary device.

Use a Screen Recording App

If you don’t have a secondary device, you’ll need to utilize a screen capture app. Fortunately, there’s a free and powerful way to do this with OBS Studio, which can record and stream your monitor.

Unfortunately, this method consumes a lot of resources on your computer, which can cause lag and frame drops when playing games that are heavily resource-intensive.

Get a Capture Card

Those who recently upgraded their rig or still have an old computer can use a card to record their games. These inexpensive devices, which are usually attached to a monitor, will convert the video to data and allow another computer to play it.

This is a better alternative since your gaming device is more focused on the game you’re playing. 

5. Create Your Brand

You should make a video with a famous personality and brand identity to help your followers easily recognize who you are and what you’re about.

One of the easiest ways to create a standard outro and intro for your videos is to use a format that’s consistent with the type of content that you’re creating.

6. Pick Your Platform

You can upload your gaming videos on various platforms, such as YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitch. While you may post content to different platforms, it’s crucial to maintain a distinct style for each.

Avoid appearing on different platforms as it will confuse your followers. 

By consistently releasing original content on a certain channel, you have a better chance of being considered for paid programs.

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