Is Storm 4 Crossplay?

Is Storm 4 Crossplay?

Storm 4 is a call for all the Naruto fans to enjoy the ultimate battle against the Akatsuki. You might have already been a hardcore fan of the game series as you have reached this version of the game. But can you enjoy this exciting gameplay with your friends? Let’s get to the bottom of it. 

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is a popular video game that needs no introduction. The Storm series is well-known and loved by everyone who is an admirer of the Ninjas Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha. There are boss fights you need to win and also participate in the final world war. 

If you and your friends are all Naruto fans then you might be wondering if you will be able to play the game together. Yes, you can. Storm 4 does support crossplay and lets the players enjoy the game together on different gaming platforms. 

Below, we will be discussing the platforms that you need to have to play this game and other gaming features. 

Which Platforms Support Storm 4?

Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is supported on all these platforms so if you possess any of these then you will be able to get the best gaming experience of this fight. 

1. PlayStation 4 

2. Xbox One 

3. Windows 

4. Nintendo Switch

Is Storm 4 Crossplay?

The Crossplay functioning in a game enhances the excitement as it lets the players join their friends possessing a different gaming platform and play together. No matter if you have the game on your Xbox console and your friend has it on PlayStation, if the game supports crossplay, you can enjoy it together. 

The Crossplay feature is also added in Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 and thus, you will be able to withstand the battles and win the war against the terrorist group, partnering with your friend. 

Can You Play Storm 4 On PS4?

Yes, Storm 4 is available to play on the PS4 console. You may even be able to play the game on your PS5 but some game features are platform-specific and will only work on PS4 and not on PS5. 

Is Storm 4 Free On PS4?

No, Storm 4 is not available for free on PS4. You will have to purchase the game for its specific price on your console. The cost may vary according to platforms and regions so you can purchase it accordingly. 

Does Naruto Storm 4 Need PS Plus?

You can enjoy the best fights of Storm 4 as a single player or with friends on PlayStation. If the players wish to access the online multiplayer mode then the full game will surely require a PlayStation Plus membership. Some gaming features, however, are also available to players without PS Plus. 

Does Naruto Storm 4 Have A Story Mode?

Yes, Storm 4 does have an exciting story mode that leads the players to a world war-like situation where they will have to show off their fighting skills and win the final war. When the original story mode is completed in the game, it unlocks a new story mode that is set after the completion of the world war. 

Wrap Up

With an amazing fighting sequence, a great storyline, and the best of anime, Storm 4 is a complete package of entertainment and fun and it gets even better when enjoyed with friends. So if you haven’t yet played the game with your friends then do give it a chance. 

Go through the related information discussed above and you will learn about the gaming platforms that support this masterpiece and also if the game is available to be enjoyed with friends through crossplay. 

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