Is Battlefront 2 Crossplay For Xbox PC PS4 PS5?

Is Battlefront 2 Crossplay For Xbox PC PS4 PS5?

The fascinating and realistic video game Star Wars: Battlefront II sends gamers away to a galaxy far, far off. But regardless of their platform ownership, people always want to play their favorite games with their pals. How well suited is Star Wars: Battlefront II to grant this wish, though? Or is it just a fan’s dream? Well, this guide contains the answer you’re looking for because we did the research job on your behalf.

The game offers hours of gripping action, as big battles, and the chance to completely lose oneself in the Star Wars universe like never before, making it a must-play for fans of the iconic franchise. The developers however never really provide the assistance of crossplay in Star Wars: Battlefront II.

But, a good part is; cross-gen play is officially available in the game. Yet, It is a huge disappointment for those who were looking forward to enjoying it with friends owning a different platform.

This article is an inclusion of all the stuff that is available or not available in the game. So, instead of going through hundreds of articles over the internet, you can get all that right here right now. We highly recommend looking for it too.

Which Platforms Support Star Wars: Battlefront II?

All the platforms that come into your mind when you think about playing games are supported by Star Wars: Battlefront II. This includes:

1. PlayStation 4

2. Xbox One

3. Microsoft Windows (via Steam, Origin, and Epic Games Store)

4. PlayStation 5

5. Xbox Series X

6. Xbox Series S

7. Xbox Cloud Gaming

The game on newer generation consoles including PS5 and Xbox Series X|S can only be played by a functionality known as “Backward Compatibility,” and hence, the game was never actually developed for these platforms.

Is Star Wars Battlefront 2 Crossplay?

Crossplay is an excluded feature in Star Wars: Battlefront II, so you cannot engage in the challenging shooting game with your pals on different devices (such as PlayStation, Xbox, and PC). Although there are online multiplayer options available for the game, players can only find and play with other people who use the same platform.

Is Star Wars: Battlefront II Cross-Gen Play?

Certainly, the cross-generational play feature is available in Star Wars: Battlefront II. As a result, gamers on different console generations from the same platform family (such as Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S or PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5) can engage in multiplayer gameplay at the same time. The accessibility of cross-generational multiplayer matches made players on newer consoles compete against or cooperate with those on older consoles in the co-op or PvP games.

Is Star Wars: Battlefront II Cross-Progression Enabled?

Cross-progression or cross-platform sharing of progress and in-game items is not possible in Star Wars: Battlefront II due to the lack of cross-progression capability. It follows that your achievements unlock, and customizations won’t transfer if you hop to a different platform (like PlayStation, Xbox, or PC). Every platform contains its distinctive progression and unlocks.

However, in a situation where you want to change platforms within PC i.e between Origin, Steam, and Epic Games Store, only then you will be able to cross-save all your data, and that too if you use the same EA account on all stores. No further kind of cross-progression is allowed by the game.

Is Star Wars: Battlefront II Local Co-Op?

Being straightforward, yes. Star Wars: Battlefront II facilitates local cooperative play. Only the arcade mode, featuring the game’s split-screen functionality allows players to interact in local multiplayer mode. Only 2 players can interact in this local cooperative mode:

1. Either working together to combat AI bots

2. Or engage in combat with one another in versus mode.

However, PC users are limited in their ability to use local co-op. They can only enjoy online multiplayer. Only consoles, not PCs, can be used to play local co-op or couch co-op.


Is Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Crossplay Between PC And Xbox?

No, it’s not possible for players on PC to engage in any game mode in Star Wars: Battlefront II with those on Xbox.

Is Star Wars: Battlefront II Crossplay Between Xbox And PS4?

As disappointing as it can be for fans, Xbox and PS4 are not permitted to crossplay with one another in Star Wars: Battlefront II.

Is Star Wars: Battlefront II Crossplay Between PC And PS4?

It is rather sad that Star Wars: Battlefront II cannot be cross-played between PC and PS4. It suggests that friends having PC and PS4 cannot enjoy the game together, by any means possible.

Is Star Wars: Battlefront II Crossplay Between PS4 And PS5?

It can be quite surprising to know that Star Wars: Battlefront II is crossplay or rather cross-gen play compatible between PS4 and PS5.

Wrapping Up

Leaving the buying decision in your hands, we can end this guide with a note that Star Wars: Battlefront II can be an exciting option for those only wanting to enjoy the shooting experience in different galaxies and don’t care that much about playing with friends having the game on a different platform. If you have already played the game, do tell us your overall view and complaints about the game in the comments below.

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