New Escape Academy Crossplay Update 2023

New Escape Academy Crossplay Update 2023

A nice rush of satisfaction can be experienced from completing a tricky task in a puzzle game, and it can be a great way to stimulate the mind. A one-of-a-kind room escape mystery game called Escape Academy presents a chance to test your problem-solving abilities in a fascinating and entertaining method.

However, finding the solutions and making your way out of each chamber on your own can be dull and stressful, but tackling it with a partner makes the experience more exciting. Can you join this recently introduced game with your buddies even if they are having a different platform, though? Well, this guide contains all of the details, including cross-play support. Therefore, be sure to look it up.

Escape Academy, which has the extra advantage of encouraging teamwork, may be an ideal way to connect with friends, family, or coworkers. The satisfaction felt after finishing an escape room can also be enormous. Escape Academy offers enough to interest everyone and may deliver a wonderful trip for all participants because of its wide range of themes and levels of difficulty.

Coming to the game’s crossplay compatibility, it is supported to some extent but the crossplay support in the game divides its community into two separate groups and the two groups cannot crossplay with each other in any way. We have covered all the ways crossplay works later in this article.

The game however is a mixed package of both great features and limitations. So, if you are interested in checking that out, keep reading further.

Which Devices Support Escape Academy?

Let’s start with the devices supported by the game because you cannot think of crossplay if the game is not developed for your platform, right? But in this case, you can rest easy because the game is available on every platform on which people usually play. Here are their names:

1. Microsoft Windows (Via Steam, Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store)

2. macOS

3. Xbox Series X|S

4. Xbox One

5. Playstation 4|5

6. Xbox Game Pass

For those looking for Escape Academy’s Nintendo Switch support, it is not developed yet and there are no official confirmations if the game will ever be.

New Escape Academy Crossplay Update 2023 | Is Escape Academy Crossplay?

Yes is the right answer to this question but “no” is not wrong either. Confused? Well, to explain this statement in simpler terms, the PC version (Steam, Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store) and Xbox version (Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S including the Xbox Game Pass version) of Escape Academy is crossplay compatible with each other. And on the other hand, the PS4 and PS5 versions are crossplay enabled with each other.

One thing to be noted though is that the two groups mentioned above (PC and 

Xbox groups, and PS4 and PS5) groups cannot interact with each other as no crossplay support between these two is offered.

How To Enable Crossplay In Escape Academy?

The answer is simple, don’t do anything. Yes, you heard right. You don’t have to do anything because the setting is activated beforehand so you can just enjoy the game without giving a thought to these things. Nevertheless, disabling the crossplay support can be pretty straightforward too. Just head to the settings menu, look up the crossplay setting, and toggle it off.

Is Cross-gen A Valid Feature In Escape Academy?

You don’t have to be disappointed in this case as cross-gen is completely viable in Escape Academy which means PS4 and PS5 players can enjoy the game with each other. Similarly, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players can solve these mind-bending puzzles with each other.

Is Escape Academy Local Co-Op/ Couch Co-op/ Split Screen?

If you want to enjoy the suspense and mystery of solving puzzles in this game with your buddies and that too while sitting on the same couch, you can do that. 

In the game’s local co-op mode, two controllers can be connected to the same device, and split-screen technology is used to show both players’ scenes of perspective. It’s also crucial to be aware that in local or online co-op mode, the game only allows two players.

The local co-op mode can be played by navigating like this:

Play > Local Multiplayer

Does Escape Academy Have Cross-Progression Support?

Any sort of cross-progress or cross-save functionality is not yet provided by the developers. Therefore, if you frequently hop between systems, it may become somewhat troubling for you, given that you must start by escaping each room from the beginning.

What Is The Difference Between Escape Academy’s Standard And Deluxe Edition?

The base game is the only component of the standard edition. In contrast, the base game and season pass are bundled together in the deluxe edition. Additionally, if you choose to acquire the Deluxe Edition via Steam, you will additionally receive the “original soundtrack.”

Wrapping Up

With that, the game Escape Academy can be the right choice for you if you are looking for something with a short storyline to pass some time. But, do keep the restrictions of the game in mind if you wish to purchase the game. If you make it this far and your mind is still covered with clouds of confusion regarding any other game, you can always tell us in the comments.

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