Is TrackMania Cross Platform?

Is TrackMania Cross Platform? Find Out Now!

The beloved racing game TrackMania is recognized for its chaotic, adrenaline-inducing action and complex track layouts. Through the application of novel track design and excellent driving, TrackMania presents a distinctive racing encounter.

Well, does TrackMania have cross-platform gaming too alongside its intense racing environment? And if there is, then to what exact degree? Or are you just entirely out of luck in that specific scenario?

To answer shortly, yes, TrackMania is accessible on various platforms making it cross-platform, and in addition to that, it is also cross-platform playable as well.

However, how much crossplay is or is not present in TrackMania? And what are the exact situations of cross-progression and cross-gen play in TrackMania? For quick answers to all that, keep digging ahead in this guide.

Which Platforms Support TrackMania?

TrackMania is publicized to be purchasable and playable on a number of different systems compiling different mechanisms and turning the game into cross-platform automatically. The supported machines, nevertheless, are:

1. Microsoft Windows (Through Steam, Epic Games Store, and Ubisoft Store)

2. Xbox Series X|S

3. PlayStation 4

4. Xbox One

5. PlayStation 5

Is TrackMania Cross Platform Play?

Cross-platform is finely tuned in accordance to TrackMania which turns the game to be playable with anyone operating from any sort of machine. Furthermore, the functionality is pre-activated in TrackMania, so you are all set to enjoy the racing from the get-go without the hassle of finding and tinkering with the game settings.

Is TrackMania Cross-Gen Play?

Complete cross-platform indirectly results in cross-generational playing which is also a certified factor of TrackMania.

In other words, if you and your peer are not sharing the same generation of consoles under the same brand, both of you are not constrained to separate player pools. Rather, both of you can unite in the same racing matches and have a fun time together.

Does TrackMania Have Cross-Progression?

Certainly, cross-progression or cross-saving is not just a missed opportunity in TrackMania. The functionality is fully operable for you in the game as long as you are sticking to one Ubisoft account and integrating the same account into every edition you have of TrackMania.

Is TrackMania Cross-Platform Play Between Xbox And PS4/PS5?

Fortunately, TrackMania is composed of every mechanism essential to enable the joint racing sessions of Xbox and PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 setups.

Is TrackMania Cross-Platform Play Between Xbox And PC?

Luckily, both Xbox (Xbox and Xbox Series X|S) and PC’s TrackMania are qualified for combined tournaments and races along with each other.

Is TrackMania Cross-Platform Play Between PS4/PS5 And PC?

Certainly, TrackMania for PlayStation 4/5 and PC are allowed to access one another’s game servers and ultimately resulting in sessions with a blend of participants from both systems.

Wrapping Up

This compiles everything regarding cross-platform gaming in TrackMania. We hope we were able to make you comprehend every nuisance of it efficiently. If, however, any doubts are still popping up in your minds, consider sharing them in the box below.

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