Is My Hero Ultra Rumble Crossplay or Cross Platform?

Will My Hero Ultra Rumble Crossplay Exist? Let's Check Out!

Join your fellow champions and bad guys throughout the soon-approaching “My Hero Ultra Rumble” battle royale! Within this 24-player Battle Royale, use teamwork, strategy, and Quirk synergy to prevail as the dominant squad.

However, by any slightest chance, will My Hero Ultra Rumble have a functional crossplay mechanism or not? Or do the designers have some other plans under the hood?

Bandai Namco was all set to have the crossplay in MHUR. However, its been a while and its still not revealed yet. So, the only way we are left with is to waiting till its revelation.

In any case, what other cool functions will be operable or blocked in My Hero Ultra Rumble? Well, to grasp knowledge on all that, keep scrolling till the end of this guide and you’ll learn every ounce of detail on that.

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Which Platforms Will Support My Hero Ultra Rumble?

My Hero Ultra Rumble will be accessible to everyone with the machines of the following brands:

1. Microsoft Windows (Via Steam and Bandai Namco Store)

2. Xbox Series X|S (With Backward Compatibility)

3. PlayStation 4

4. Nintendo Switch

5. PlayStation 5 (With Backward Compatibility)

6. Xbox One

Will My Hero Ultra Rumble Crossplay Exist?

Even though there are no bits on whether My Hero Ultra Rumble will be a pack of crossplay or not, it is highly unlikely for its developing branch, Bandai Namco, to supply this functionality as they did not provide that in their titles. Nevertheless, it is far too early to make any presumptions based on their previous records.

Will My Hero Ultra Rumble Be Cross-Gen Play?

Since My Hero Ultra Rumble will officially only be accessible on the previous generation of consoles (PS4 and Xbox One), the same variant of the game will be functional on the latest generation (Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5) as well and ultimately both previous and latest consoles will share the same data servers resulting in the same game sessions.

Will My Hero Ultra Rumble Have Cross-Progression?

Similar to crossplay, there aren’t any hints regarding cross-progression in My Hero Ultra Rumble either. If and when any official public announcements get made, you’ll get to know everything right here.

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Will My Hero Ultra Rumble Be Crossplay Between Xbox And PS4/PS5?

Unfortunately, there is no formal statement on whether Xbox and PS4 or PS5 will or won’t be compatible with crossplay alongside one another on My Hero Ultra Rumble.

Will My Hero Ultra Rumble Crossplay Between Xbox And PC?

There is neither a ‘yes’ nor ‘no’ as of now. All left now is the designer’s confirmation on whether crossplay will get introduced in My Hero Ultra Rumble or not.

Will My Hero Ultra Rumble Crossplay Between PC And PS4/PS5?

About that, well the answer is the same as above. Assumptions are the first and last thing that can be done till any statement from the creators of My Hero Ultra Rumble.

Wrapping Up

With that, we wrap this article on the upcoming title My Hero Ultra Rumble based on the anime series “My Hero Academia ” and any announcements made till now. If you, in any scenario, are wondering about anything, you are welcome to put that in the comments below.

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