What Josiah Saw – Was The Ending Right?

What Josiah Saw - Was The Ending Right?

Every movie, story, or series needs to have an ending. The ending or climax is what makes or breaks the entire storyline. If you have a power-packed and entertaining ending, even a dull movie will reach fans’ hearts. But a good plot can be easily forgotten with a sad and boring ending.

One such movie is What Josiah Saw, which has an ending that some may think is powerful, while others have different opinions. Nonetheless, it is one of the all-time recommended movies to watch.

What Josiah Saw – The Crux

What Josiah Saw is an American Southern gothic psychological movie released in 2021. It is a horror drama directed by Vincent Grashaw with Keli Garner, Scott Haze, Nick Stahl, and Bob Gunton in the main roles, to name a few.

The movie is about a damaged family who reunites at their remote farmhouse to confront some of their biggest and darkest secrets and sins of the past. It is about the Graham family, who are meeting after almost two decades only to pay for their sins after an oil company decides to buy their farm.

The movie is not for light-hearted people but somewhat creepy, sad, and depressing. The movie is filled with sexual overtones, hints that Josiah has abused his three children. It is not an easy movie to watch, so be mindful when you plan to switch it on.

What Josiah Saw – The Storyline

The movie is about the Graham family – Josiah and his three children – Tommy, Eli and Mary. It is about their meeting after 20 years, which does not end well. All the family members begin to reveal their darkest secrets and some unpleasant moments when suddenly a tree starts to burn outside. The words were carved on it, “sins paid in full.”

But whose sins were paid? The two-hour movie, divided into three chapters, has a lot that goes inside. Let’s have a look.

What Josiah Saw – Chapter 1

Chapter 1, or the Ghost of the Willow Road, starts with Josiah and Tommy meeting at the family farmhouse. Josiah is seen to have a vision of his dead wife (who died by suicide) about burning in hellfire. His wife in the visions tells Josiah to correct his mistakes, or else he and the kids will also burn.

But what mistakes is she talking about – they are disclosed with time in the movie. Since his wife witnessed one sinful act, she took her life. Chapter 1 is very clear about an unhealthy father-and-son relationship. It also shows abuse as Josiah asks his son to masturbate in front of him to clear his head.

There is also an introduction of oil company people planning to buy Graham’s farmhouse. It is because the family has to reunite later on in the movie.

What Josiah Saw – Chapter 2

Eli and the Gypsies, or Chapter 2, is where the audience meets the second child, Eli. Living in RV, Eli is under scrutiny by the police for having sex with a minor. According to him, he was told she was older, but the visiting police officer dismissed this and questioned him about a missing young girl.

He also owns a local goon, Boon, some money. Since he cannot pay, he is asked to steal gold from visiting gypsies. Boon’s men Logan and Billy help Eli in stealing the gold. On one occasion, when he distracts the women, he meets a fortune teller who shares that he will die soon.

The warning immediately came true when people realized they were looting gypsies. In the fight, Billy and Logan lose their lives. Before being slain, Eli manages to escape from the gypsies and discovers they have the missing girl. He saves her and then runs away.

He returns to Boon and gives him the gold; as soon as he touches it, he dies of a heart attack. Is this a result of the gold being cursed by the gypsies? Possibly. Eli later hands the girl over to the local sheriff before being instructed to “run far from here.”

He is seen entering the RV at the end of the chapter and discovers a letter outlining the oil company’s offer to purchase the farmhouse.

What Josiah Saw – Chapter 3

Mary May I, the last chapter, is about Mary and her husband Ross. She is in the process of adoption as she got a sterile surgery to avoid pregnancies. But now, she realizes how a child will give her the missing love of her life. Additionally, she is mentally unstable and on Ketamine for mental disorders.

In a nightmare, she is even seen stabbing herself. Eli is seen meeting Mary and discussing selling the farmhouse. All three kids need to sign the deal for the sale, so they decide to travel to the farmhouse to talk to Tommy.

Mary was not keen on returning, and Eli reminded her of a childhood game, Mary May I, where she is supposed to do what has been asked. 

What Josiah Saw – The Family Sins

The movie starts with Josiah and Tommy talking, but in reality, Josiah is dead, and it’s his vision in Tommy’s head. Eli and Mary are unaware he talks to his father in the vision. They remind Tommy of how they all killed him when they were kids. Josiah physically abused Tommy and Eli and sexually abused Mary as a child.

Her mother died because of Josiah’s baby with Mary, which was Josiah’s sin. Though Tommy believes it was not Josiah’s baby, Eli is the child’s father, who had sex with Mary. He believes this is the reason why their mother died.

What Josiah Saw – The Ending

So, what is the end, and who is the father of that child? The audience is left confused and angry when there is an old vision of Mary and Eli sneaking into a motel room for sex. It could be because of Eli’s pressure from Mary May I, and after she became pregnant, she had to go through surgery to avoid such situations.

Tommy also revealed that they killed the child to remove evidence of their misdeeds. The bodies were buried outside, but Tommy brought them home. Tommy kills Eli with his axe and later chases Mary to death. On the other hand, the ghost of Josiah is seen drinking in the farmhouse.

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