Who Invited Them? Solving the Ending!

Who Invited Them? Solving the Ending!

Why did Tom and Sasha decide to save Margo and Adam? It is a question that everyone has on their minds. “Who invited them,” a thriller movie released in 2022, is unlike any other thriller you may have seen. It is available on Prime Video, The Roku Channel, Spectrum TV, Vudu, Shutter, and Apple TV.

Who Invited Them – Storyline

This stunning thriller that will keep you glued on your seats – Who Invited Them, written and directed by Duncan Birmingham, has Ryan Hansen, Melissa Tang, and Timothy Granderos in the main roles.

Adam, played by Ryan, and Margo, played by Melissa, had thrown a housewarming party, which was a big success. After the party is over and everyone leaves, one couple stays back and wants to be friends with Adam and Margo.

They tell the host they are their new wealthy neighbors. But there is something strange about these wealthy neighbors, which Adam and Margo feel. The story is seen moving from one night to another, where they are getting increasingly suspicious about their new friends or strangers.

Who Invited Them – The Beginning

The movie begins with Adam and Margo’s son Dylan opening the door and slowly going to his parent’s room with a toy. As soon as he reaches his parent’s room, he sees blood coming from beneath, which is later shown as a nightmare.

Margo and Adam had recently moved to this new house with their son and were trying hard to adapt to the locality. Adam decided to throw a housewarming party and invited all his friends and co-workers to show off the new house he bought in an impressive deal.

Due to his bragging attitude, his friends were unhappy, though they pretended to like him on the face. The audience meets Teeny and Frank during the housewarming celebration since their son intends to spend the night with them. Teeny and Frank are shown leaving the house after the party and tripping over a stray dog, which they subsequently mistake for a branch because they couldn’t find it.

On the other hand, one couple, Tom and Sasha, were not invited by Adam and Margo and were observed leaving the restroom after everyone else had left the party. They came to the house to request that a car be moved out of the road, and Tom and Sasha introduced themselves as their new neighbors.

They later said that upon entering the mansion, they were astounded by the inside and chose to have a few drinks. Margo declined Tom and Sasha’s offer to do a nightcap at their home; as a result, Adam invited the couple to do a nightcap at their home.

Who Invited Them – The Story Continues

The movie continues, and Dylan is seen having a nightmare and unable to sleep without his teddy. Teeny decides to go to Adam’s and get that soft toy for the boy. Simultaneously, Adam and Margo are seen getting comfortable with their new neighbors. It is also seen that Tony and Sasha are trying to know the internal secrets of Adam and Margo.

With time, both families become close, and Tom learns how Adam is attracted to his wife, Sasha. Tom offers Adam to get intimate with Sasha, and he will enjoy this scene with Margo. He raised this in front of Margo, leading to a fight between her and Adam. After this, the couple asks Tom and Sasha to leave their house. Tom and Sasha refuse to leave the house, and Adam learns they are not their next-door neighbors. Adam, in anger, throws a beer bottle at Tom, and Sasha confesses living across the street and apologizes to the couple.

The story moves to the other side when Teeny is seen going to Adam’s house to get the toy. On the way, she found the stray dog they had earlier hit near the bushes. She decided to shoot the dog but couldn’t. Margo finds Sasha’s earrings in her house, and Adam goes across the street to return, only to find out it’s not theirs. He finds out that Tony and Sasha murdered the house owners right in front of him.

After realizing Adam saw the murder, Tony and Sasha tied him up. Margo was seen coming to search for him and forgot the way. Teeny, in the meanwhile, met Tony and Sasha in the middle of the road. Tony grabbed a knife and stabbed Tenny. Tenny took out her gun and accidentally shot Adam, who was seen running away from the house.

Who Invited Them – The Ending

The ending shows Adam living happily with Margo with a stitch on his forehead. Adam also finds a new place, which Margo refuses to shift to. The movie ends with Adam knowing Tom and Sasha are looking for them.

But what happens between the climax and the beginning?

When Adam showed the house to Tom, he told him about a double homicide in the house a long time back. He tells about how a husband and wife killed themselves when their twins were watching TV. Later, Margo found a height-measuring drawing with Tom and Sasha written on it.

In no time, she realized Tom and Sasha were the twins they talked about. So, when Adam went to return the earrings and was tied up, Tom recited about the double homicide and how they both were victims of child abuse. They continued by telling how their parents used to take out their anger on them on a bad day.

To take revenge, Tom and Sasha used to plan things and put lipstick marks on Tom’s items and cigarette ashes on her mother’s. It would make their parents fight and leave the kids alone. But they didn’t realize their plans complicated things so much that their parents decided to kill themselves. 

Tom continued telling how they enjoyed toiling with their bodies, and since then, they have followed this ritual of killing the couples. They move across the neighborhood and kill the couple who refused to help them during childhood. Hence, what Tom and Sasha did initially was only to start a fight between Adam and Margo.

They planned to know whether they were suitable as a couple or not. The movie shows how Tom and Sasha evaluate the couples to determine whether they will have any bad effects on their kids. They used to survey the couples to understand them and their psyche. Tom used Sasha to evaluate and believe in her results.

If Sasha used the word “Cantaloupe,” the couple had failed to impress them, and they would be their next victim. And if Sasha used the word “Routabaga,” it meant they were impressive and continued with the survey.

Why Did Tom and Sasha Leave Adam and Margo in Who Invited Them?

Sasha was impressed with Adam and Margo as, despite their attempts, they could not ignite a fight between the two. Therefore, with every opportunity to kill them, Tom and Sasha decided to leave them. Tom only slammed the door on Adam’s hand once, but no major injury.

He was seen advising Adam to bring flowers for Margo regularly. There was also a record playing, the same which was played when Tom met Adam for the first time. The record is played to skip the time, but in the end, Adam realizes the time is not skipped.

Tom promised Adam to bring him new records, and Adam even heard the sound of ice cubes in a glass. It was the same sound that Tom made while drinking his whiskey. So, it meant that Tom and Sasha followed Adam and Margo. It only shows that if they tried to hurt their son, they would invite themselves again to their house.

To Conclude

We saw Adam traumatized, but Margo was relaxed at the end. It could be because Adam saw the murders, and Margo only saw the dead bodies. Or, Margo knows the reason behind the killing and thinks it to be perfect for her family not to fall apart.

Whatever the reason, you can choose the option to your liking.

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